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  • Sim Settlements Available AddOn Packs

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  • Don't Call Me Settler - Save Fixing

    This article was provided by user ShadowKain666

    For those suffering from a corrupt DCMS save:

    First things first, do NOT use any of the DCMS scripts! This means you must not, under any circumstances, use BurnBabyBurn, CallUnassigned, etc.

    From my experience (however, this is certainly not everyone's experience, and it may not be your experience) the issue isn't with DCMS as it stands, but is rather an issue with its scripts. The base functions seem to work fine on their own, and I even have DCMS, Better Settlers, and Sim Settlements all playing together nicely now after unknowingly corrupting my save file by using BurnBabyBurn. After using that script with the new patches, I started experiencing the "dead" settlers and plot...