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For those suffering from a corrupt DCMS save:

First things first, do NOT use any of the DCMS scripts! This means you must not, under any circumstances, use BurnBabyBurn, CallUnassigned, etc.

From my experience (however, this is certainly not everyone's experience, and it may not be your experience) the issue isn't with DCMS as it stands, but is rather an issue with its scripts. The base functions seem to work fine on their own, and I even have DCMS, Better Settlers, and Sim Settlements all playing together nicely now after unknowingly corrupting my save file by using BurnBabyBurn. After using that script with the new patches, I started experiencing the "dead" settlers and plots issue. Settlers wouldn't assign properly, would stand around doing nothing, or never go and actually tend to their job. Auto-assignment for Sim Settlements didn't work at all, and while I could manually assign a settler to a Sim Settlements plot/home, I could not then also assign them to a job.

After two days of troubleshooting and no luck, I decided to try using FallrimTools upon Kinggath's suggestion for fixing an unrelated corrupt save issue from Sim Settlement's first edition (I recommend watching his video here). If you're experiencing the issues I was, and are pretty sure DCMS is at fault, follow these steps:

1.) Load up your corrupt save with your usual mods installed (including DCMS).
2.) Save your game in an exterior cell (this way, as many of the DCMS scripts are running as possible)
3.) Exit the game and load up FallrimTools. Select your save file from Step 2 and use FallrimTools' search feature to search for "settlerrename".
4.) Right click on the "scripts" and "scriptinstances" lists and select "delete" - this will delete all of the DCMS scripts from that save file. If you have DCMS installed when you re-load the save, the base scripts will re-activate and DCMS will behave normally. Just remember, do NOT use any of the optional scripts for any reason, or you will corrupt your save file again. If you want to completely get rid of DCMS, uninstall DCMS before loading your script-cleansed save file.
5.) Once the game loads, let your character just sit and chill for about 20 minutes. During this time, do not do anything. Just let the game run for a good 20 minutes so that the scripts can reload. After that, go ahead and create a new save and then head to a settlement if you weren't at one before. Destroy any old Sim Settlements plots and plop down a new one and see if the auto-assignment works properly. See if basic settler assignment works properly (you may need to unassign/move and then reassign settlers that were bugged).

By following these steps, I managed to fix my DCMS corrupted save file and get my settlers behaving normally again. I left DCMS installed because I have simply grown so accustomed to it and I am deeply into this saved game. It has been a few days, and as I said at the beginning, DCMS, Better Settlers, and Sim Settlements are all getting along for me - just be warned, what worked for me may not work for you, I am simply posting it here as something others with this issue can try, as it rescued *my* save file.

For reference, I have DCMS version 1.67 installed, Better Settlers 1.1 installed, and Sim Settlements 1.1.0a installed.

After save file script cleaning, the three mods are getting along as long as I do not use DCMS' unnecessary scripts and simply allow it to run passively, letting it rename settlers and display their jobs.

Hopefully this can help anyone suffering from the same issue I had, or at least give people a foot in the door towards troubleshooting and fixing the issue themselves. Corrupt saves are no fun.

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  1. slowman87
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    In response to post #49308862.


    Does this happen even when running the scripts manually instead of letting them run in the background?

     I suffered from that problem too, my solution was rolling back until I found a save that could be fixed and didn't gave me CTDs, once I found it I deleted Don't Call Me Settler and replaced it with "immersive settlers mod". But most important, used the "Settlements blue prints mod" to save my best constructions, because that's the most valuable thing I had, not even the history progress. 
  2. ilomestari
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    I did exactly this and got a CTD when trying to save my game on point 5) :/ Any tips on avoiding this? I've got nearly 200 hours in on my Survival character and would dearly love to not have to start again just because of this.

    I tried (just for testing purposes) deleting all the scripts, and after that the game ran fine, although I wasn't allied to any of my settlements :' I'm fairly certain there are more scripts than just "settlerrename" that would need to be purged in order for this to work.
    1. jesnec
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      Same to me. Damm...
    2. falloutkid12
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      Did your save have any ActiveScripts when you filtered for settlerrename?

      If you did, look for and only delete Scripts and ScriptInstances with the same name, then delete the ActiveScripts.

      Boot the game and load the save you just fixed. Hopefully, it'll let you save without CTD. Then you can go ahead and clean the rest of the scripts with FallRim tools, but only if no more ActiveScripts appear on the new save.

      If they do, just do these steps again.
  3. DarthAerith
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    I'm grateful for the article detailing the problem DCMS was experiencing. I'm also saddened since the file's hidden so I have no way downloading it.

    My sincere hope is, this leads to the mod author fixing it. As it was a beautifully done mod that would fix Sim settlements perfectly.

    Thank you for the wonderful tip.
  4. HadToRegister
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    I faithfully use DCMS because I love that it names my settlers and keeps things interesting.

    Is there a way we could remove the scripts from the mod so we don't accidentally use them?
    1. kraag
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      Yes, there are options in the DCMS Settings Holotape to deactivate said features of the mod.
    2. HadToRegister
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      Thanks, I had forgotten about that
  5. turoktony
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    Why do I feel like I really shouldn't have uninstalled DCMS a while back?