About this mod

This modification makes the game minor bug fixes.

Эта модификация вносит в игру мелкие исправления.

Permissions and credits
This modification makes the game minor bug fixes.
Google translated:

version 0.08R-S (MS - MaterialSwap, IN - Instance Naming, KW - Keyword, OP - Override Projectile, PTRN - Preview Transform)
1. Armor
1.1 Raider Chest Piece - fixed Material modcol for Medium/Heavy version armor:
modcol_armor_RaiderMod_Torso_Size_B_Materials > modcol_armor_Synth_Torso_Size_B_Materials
modcol_armor_RaiderMod_Torso_Size_C_Materials > modcol_armor_Synth_Torso_Size_C_Materials
1.2 Railroad Armored Coat MK1-MKV - added missing Lining modcol - modcol_armor_RailroadSWAT_Linings_Torso
2. FormID
2.1 workshopRecipe_PictureFrames02 - added missing workshop_PictureAbstractRect01Framed02I "Painting"
3. Misc
3.1 Stingwing Barb - added component - +2 Acid
4. Weapon
4.1 Rolling Pin - added unused in game Material modcol.
4.2 Pole Hook - changed mod DLC03_mod_melee_PoleHook_Null "No Upgrade" > mod_melee_Null_MeleeMod "No Upgrade"
4.3 For all grenades and mines from DLCNukaWorld added Destructible.
5. Workshop
5.1 Added new Taxidermy:
5.1.1 Mounted Nukalurk Queen Claw
5.1.2 Mounted Black Cat Head
5.1.3 Mounted Attack Dog Head
5.1.4 Mounted Glowing Mirelurk Hunter Head, Mounted Nukalurk Hunter Head, 
5.1.5 Mounted Nukalurk King Head, Mounted Mirelurk Deep King Head, 
5.1.6 Mounted Nukalurk Claw, Mounted Glowing Mirelurk Claw, Mounted Softshell Mirelurk Claw, Mounted Mirelurk Razorclaw, Mounted Mirelurk Killclaw
5.1.7 Mounted Glowing Bloodbug, 
5.1.8 Mounted Rabid Yao Guai Head, Mounted Dusky Yao Guai Head, Mounted Glowing Yao Guai Head, Mounted Albino Yao Guai Head, 
5.1.9 Mounted Glowing Stingwing, Mounted Stingwing Darter, Mounted Stingwing Skimmer, Mounted Stingwing Chaser, 
5.1.10 Mounted Glowing Radscorpion, Mounted Albino Radscorpion, Mounted Deathskull Radscorpion, Mounted Radscorpion Hunter, Mounted Radscorpion Predator, Mounted Radscorpion Stalker, 
5.1.11 Mounted Glowing Radroach
5.1.12 Mounted Black Bloatfly Head, Mounted Festering Bloatfly Head
5.1.13 Mounted Glowing Radstag Heads, Mounted Rabid Radstag Heads, Mounted Albino Radstag Heads, TaxidermyRadStagFawn 
5.1.14 Mounted Albino Deathclaw Head, Mounted Alpha Deathclaw Head, Mounted Chameleon Deathclaw Head(blue, red, green), Mounted Glowing Deathclaw Head, Mounted Deathclaw Matriarch Head, Mounted Savage Deathclaw Head, 
5.1.15 Mounted Rabid Molerat Head, Mounted Glowing Molerat Head
5.2 Added unused Concrete Wall - Curve (small radius)
5.3 Added unused workshop_ShackWallOuterCap01Door03 "Shack Wall - Doorway"

version 0.08Q
1. Interface
1.1 Added unused status color (Yellow, Orange) icons for:
1.1.1 Weary - HC_IconColor_Yellow > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.2 Exhausted - HC_IconColor_Orange  > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.3 Famished - HC_IconColor_Yellow > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.4 Ravenous - HC_IconColor_Orange  > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.5 Mildly Dehydrated - HC_IconColor_Yellow > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.6 Dehydrated - HC_IconColor_Orange  > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.7 Insomnia - HC_IconColor_Yellow > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.8 Lethargy - HC_IconColor_Orange  > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.9 Fatigue - HC_IconColor_Yellow > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.10 Parasites - HC_IconColor_Yellow > HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.11 Dark Craving added  HC_IconColor_Red
1.1.12 Suppressed Immunity - HC_IconColor_Orange  > HC_IconColor_Red
2. Preview transform
2.1 Changed Preview transform
2.1.1 Heavy Trapper Chest Piece, Trapper Chest Piece - ArmorTorsoSynth > ArmorTorsoRaider
2.1.2 Heavy Trapper ... Leg, Trapper ... Leg -  ArmorLegSynth > ArmorLegRaider
2.1.3 Nuclear Material - ComponentNuclear(fixed) > Food008_ZoomInMore02
2.1.4 NpcChairHighTechOfficeChairSit01, DLC06NpcChairHighTechOfficeChairCleanSit01 - workshop_NpcChairHighTechOfficeChairDirtySit01(unused in game) > workshop_NpcChairFederalistOfficeSit01
2.1.5 workbenchWeaponsB - workshop_WorkbenchWeapons (unused in game) > workshop_CraftingCookingFire
3. Weapon Mods
3.1 Added new mix and unused un game mods for BB
3.1.1 Puncturing
3.1.2 Freezing Coil
3.1.3 Freezing Rocket
3.1.4 Freezing Puncturing Rocket (unused in game)
3.1.5 Puncturing Freezing
3.1.6 Shocking Coil
3.1.7 Shocking Rocket
3.1.8 Puncturing Shocking
3.1.9 Puncturing Heated
3.2 Added Sound - Work Rocket Engine for All Attack RocketBat and Rocket Sledgehammer mods.
4. World/Cell
4.1 Changed All Stove-Static > Stove-container in game (All DLC) - bugfix.
4.2 Changed some plants in cell (The Institute)
4.2.1 Not All - FloraInsCornStalk01 "Corn" (unused in game) > FloraInsCornStalk02 "Corn"

version 0.08P
1. Materials
1.1 Suits - fixed MOutfitClean_Black, MOutfitClean_Black_2sided, MOutfitClean_Blue _2sided, MOutfitClean_Blue, MOutfitClean_Grey, MOutfitClean_Grey_2sided, MOutfitClean_Striped, MOutfitClean_Striped_2sided (.BGSM) - replaced Clothes/Suit/SuitClean_s.dds (clean version) > Clothes/Suit/Suit_s.dds (dirty version).
1.2 Assaultron DLC04 (Novatron) - fixed DLC04AssaultronTorso.BGSM - replaced Actors/Assaultron/AssaultronTorso_n.dds > Actors/Assaultron/AssaultronArms_n.dds
1.3 Power Armor - fixed PAHandHD01.bgsm - added missing Actors/PowerArmor/PAHandHD01_s.dds
2. Mesh 
2.1 Power Armor Frame - PowerArmorFurniture.nif - added missing Materials\actors\PowerArmor\PAFrame01.BGSM
2.2 AlienBlaster - fixed Barrel01_1.nif (long barrel) - added missing FX Tube from AlienBlasterLoad.nif
3. MaterialSwap - Fixed Legs Sentry robot (DLC04) - black color.
4. Added in ammo lists for perk Scrounger 7.62mm and 45-70.
5. Added pistol grips for Syringer.
6. Added new mix mods for Baseball Bat
6.1 Barbed Spiked - Barbed Wire + Nails.
6.2 Spiked Sharp - Blades + Nails.
6.3 Spiked Chain - Chain + Nails.

version 0.08O
1. Cell
1.1 Pickman Gallery: Added to one of the walls is an unused picture in the game.
1.2. Remake distribution of jumpsuits in boxes for them in Vaults. In previous versions of the modification, the possibility of the appearance of jumpsuits in boxes in Vaults was added. But all the boxes were involved, which produced a large number of jumpsuits. Now some boxes are used, most often those at the Vault entrance, and the other boxes have become Static, but use a new box texture.
2. MaterialSwap
2.1 Added 2 textures for Statics boxes from under jumpsuits. One texture of the box with no text on the box, but Old - used when they were used boxes Prewar or box from under jumpsuits are not in Vaults, that is, corrects this error. The second texture of the box with the Vault-Tek logo is used in Vaults on static boxes.
3. Added new Demo Vault jumpsuits (no number on back). You can find it in the Demo Vault in the Galaxy Zone.
4. Added mix mod for Walking Cane - Barbed (barbed wire) + Spiked (nails).

version 0.08f-N
1. Object Modification
1.1 Added new mix mods for:
1.1.1 Rolling pin: Sharp + Spiked.
1.1.2 Pool Cue: Sharp + Barbed.
1.1.3 Revolutionary sword: Serrated Blade + Stun Pack.
1.2 Added new directory Grip for Baseball Bat and Rolling pin.
1.3 Added new directory Materials and 2 new mods (Rusty and Anticorrosion threatment) for Revolutionary sword.
2. Cell
2.1 Added spawn jumpsuits in Vaults in boxes from under jumpsuits.
2.2 Added Stove-container in game.
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