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Restores the majority of the cut content from the Combat Zone.

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  • Italian
This restores the majority of the content originally cut from the Combat Zone including
  1. The original introduction to Cait
  2. The basement
  3. Betting on NPC fights
  4. The ability for the player to fight for caps
It does not restore the Drinking Buddy quest to the Combat Zone because I'm not sure there's enough of that remaining in the files as is to do so. The bartender also doesn't work, so it's bring your own booze.

Place the mod at the bottom of your load order if you're unable to enter the basement. This works best on brand new characters. It can work on a character that hasn't been to the Combat Zone before, but I can't guarantee it'll be bug free. If you've already killed everyone in the Combat Zone, you can go explore the basement.

- Cleaned file to increase compatibility with other mods that may modify the Combat Zone.

- If you previously added the ArenaScript.pex file to your Data\Scripts directory, delete it before installing this update.
- Fixes issue with Combatants spawning in the cage instead of the basement.
- Fixes issue with the Tommy not recognizing the player has entered the ring.
- Prevents Tommy's intro scene from ending if the player enters into dialogue with another character.
- Characters over level 100 will no longer be too powerful for the Arena pacify spell.
- Precombines geometry and visibility to hopefully reduce framerate drops.
- Players will no longer get a message that power armor is not allowed in the arena when they are not in the Combat Zone.
- Misc bug fixes

Where did my weapons go after entering the arena?
  • They're inside the metal box marked Weapon Storage next to the elevator marked Lift One. 
Why is the amount of caps I bet in a dialog?
  • Bethesda changed the way caps were handled in this game and they no longer appear as an inventory item, this was the easiest way around that.
Why did Bethesda cut this?
  • Because almost nothing worked the way it was supposed to work.
Did you know that you can do X to sneak guns/power armor/explosives in to the fight without getting in trouble?
  • Yes. I spent way too much time trying to catch all the ways around it, but I'm sure there's some I missed. That's probably another one of the reasons they cut this.