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WET enhances all water and most water-related effects in the game. Simple.

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WET - Water Enhancement Textures
by SparrowPrince


WET enhances all water and most water-related effects in the game. Simple. 


  • Covers all waters in the game, giving new flow and motion
  • New water surface textures generated from a 3D water simulation
  • New foam textures generated from a 3D water simulation 
  • New splash textures generated from 3D splash particles
  • New high quality droplet textures
  • New high quality water mist, fog, and spray textures
  • Improved splash effect 3D models
  • Improved waterfall 3D models 
  • Improved general water effect 3D models
  • Optional rain textures generated from hand-crafted 3D models
  • Optional More Rads and Clearer plugin options for underwater (see FOMOD installation)


Install and uninstall with a mod manager like Vortex is recommended. If you want to install
manually you will need to drag and drop your choice(s) into your Data folder. There is plenty of 
information on the internet regarding manual installation.


Everything should work fine but you may notice your mod manager asking you if you want to overwrite
something. If this is the case, you can either just trust my files are going to work rather well
regardless, or you can test both mods in the game and hunt down the file(s) to do a comparison.
I'm sure a lot of people will just go the first route, but whatever you do it most likely won't cause
you any problems at all.

Load order should not really matter, but placing it with more priority over other environmental mods 
should probably be done (albeit not totally necessary). 


External support may be few and far between due to life stuff. Please stand by!


SP: Thank you to Kesta for originally re-hosting this file so everyone can access it again. I also want to thank everyone
for their support over the years. 
Kesta: Thanks to SP for the sheer amount of work he made for the community over the years, and for all the
funny conversations we had <3