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just clothes
craftable on chemistry workbench.
CBBE (shape: vanilla)

Permissions and credits

zzjay Wasteland Attire CBBE

I am not int modding fallout 4,i'm not really fond of the game itself,and in general i dont like it's modding system,that is a lot more complicated and restrictive compred to the previous games.
I do not use GECK, and it won't start.So for any tweak or issue you have to fix it yourself.I am not going to support the mod.
The esp was created by GePalladium,and thanks to her and blue377 you're having this mod.

Further updates adding outfits may come,if i make new ones,that is



3 outfits for CBBE (Curvy or CBBE-Vanilla)
i didnt like the gloves,so you have the option to equip a gloveless version of said outfits.

CRAFTABLE --> on chemistry workbench!!!
The outifts can be improved on armors workbench (the "misc")

Bodyslide Files

Bodyslide Support by Sero141

The Slayer outfit had an UPDATE!!!!!!
If you however prefer the old version,you can download the mod from old versions (file:CBBE curvy confersion)

You however can easily take the harness from DMJ remix and make a nifskope mashup.

Known Issues

-Some problems with weights and streetching while posing.Outfit was made in outfit studio not much i can do with it.


Q: Can you do...?
A: No, this was made for personal use.I like it this way.

Q: Where can i find it?
A: Chemistry workbench (if you don't know what that is tbh,so you can use console help "zzjay" 4)

Q: What mods are you using?
A: Azar Ponytail Hairs
Chalk Outline Cine with Reshade and ENB v307
Natural Female WB CBBE with custom normalmap\edited textures


Elianora for rogue outfit and Gunslinger Outfit
Alecu for Skyrim's rogue outfit,
OniNigma for GITS outfits
imArwyn for Scavenger Outfit
nsk13 for Commonwealth shorts
Jordan1q2 for JC - Shirt and Jeans
Petrovich and invalidfate for
Firuu for boot meshes.
DixiePig for Slooty Vault Jumpsuit
Cloud911 for Wasteland Girl Armr Reloaded
Konami,Akiba91,DaveTheDrunk and sleepwalking for: Quiet Outfit

GePalladium for making the esp! you're awesome!

ousnius for Bodyslide
Nifskope and photoshop.
Special thanks to blue377 and GePalladium for helping with the project that was dropped!


you can use parts of this,but you must credit me and all involved.

CANNOT be sold or posted on Creation Club!!!!