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No more "cleansing the Commonwealth" in Maine. No more courser hunts in Nuka-Galaxy. No more sending squires to the kiddie park.

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I have officially stopped supporting this mod. Please use Alphine's version instead.

Wow, top files? I... don't know what to say about that.

This is a small patch mod to prevent Vanilla Radiants from the Brotherhood, Institute, Railroad, and Minutemen from sending you to Nuka World or Far Harbor locations. It also prevents the Diamond City bounty quests from sending you to these locations as well.

Because... Seriously Beth? Why?

Why in the world would the Railroad give a crap about a courser running around in a Raider-Controlled theme park? In fact, why would the Institute even send one there in the first place? How does the BOS know enough about Far Harbor to know when there's ghouls that need exterminating in a bowling alley, yet don't know that Arcadia exists? Same goes with the Institute. Why would settlers in Murkwater care about some ghouls running around in a locked building in Nuka world? Why would the Diamond City guard (or whoever writes up the bounty board bounties) give two iotas about what's going on in far harbor? Why would Kells think its anywhere near a good idea to send a 10 year old kid 200 miles away from the pyrdwen?

It makes no sense, not to mention it's irritating to be locked out of doing radiant quests just because the game has a sudden obsession with sending you to DLC places for no reason.

This mod will prevent Vanilla radiant quests from sending you to DLC or Modded worldspaces or modded cells in DLC locations.

Q: I installed this mod, yet right afterword Quinlan/Haylan/PAM/Etc still sends me to Nuka World/Far Harbor!
A: This is due to the way the game assigns quest targets. You see, radiant quests choose their targets *before* the quest is taken, not *when they're taken*. This is probably meant to prevent players from save-scumming quest locations. That means that even when you've installed this mod, the game has already loaded all its radiant targets so the next or second-next will likely still send you to nuka world/far harbor. It should be noted that this mod cannot change currently selected quest targets, either ones in queue or currently active. It can only prevent future cues from selecting non-commonwealth locations as targets.
S: Unfortunately there is no known way to change quest targets or the quest targets of those in queue. You'll have to look up the quest on a wiki and use the console to advance the quest (or load a previous save and hope for the best). The next or second-next quest should be NW/FH Free.