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For those that want more than just a 0 to 100 range on the BodySlide sliders. Simple XML File edit. 6 Options to pick from. Works with BodySlide version 4.0.

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Do you want the Sliders in BodySlide to have an extended range, without having to randomly guess numbers and manually put them in?

That is what this simple mod is out to provide!

I bring to you "Extended Sliders for BodySlide"!

This is a simple mod that I just altered the Config.xml file that goes with Bodyslide in various ways for you to pick whichever one suits you best.

This alteration allows for a larger seeable and adjustable range between the sliders, instead of having to randomly guess and enter in numbers.

Of course with this wider variance in the sliders will come clipping errors at both ends (positive and negative) particurally as the numbers get larger and larger or smaller and smaller.

This is an easy adjustment, I am sure many people have already done this themselves, this is for those that do not know how or are too lazy and want a wider range to adjust their bodies in BodySlide.

Default Range is 0 to 100, in the XML code itself it says to beware of clipping errors beyond this.

However, my personal body that I created for my female character, which is different now from what is seen in my now abandoned Female Enemy Bodies Mod, has several sliders set above 100 and below 0 alike, which is why this sort of experimenting (given the ease that this will provide) is necessary.

The sliders in this mod will have ranges of:
-50 to 200
-100 to 250 (Main File)
-250 to 250
-350 to 350
-500 to 500
-1000 to 1000

Pick whichever one best suits your needs, they are easily interchangeable also.

The last three are for the extremely ambitious, or the people that just want to have fun and see what the extreme contortions do as you are adjusting.

I recommend having both Preview and BodySlide windows open while you are adjusting so you can see in real time your adjustments as you are sliding the sliders.

The Config.xml has the Outfit set for CBBE Body and the Preset set for CBBE Curvy, I figured that most people would have these by default already.  You can of course adjust these to whichever Outfit and Body Preset you wish after you have installed this Config.xml file as it will change nothing about your outfits or presets that you already have installed.

You need BodySlide and Outfit Studio to make this work, along with a Body type that goes with BodySlide and Outfit Studio (I recommend CBBE).  

First make a backup of your origional Config.xml file, just so you can switch back if needed or if you want to.

This is very easy to install, either manually or you should be able to even use Nexus Mod Manager (I haven't tested this, so please let me know if it doesn't work and I will take away the NMM option to download it).

To install manually, go to Data inside your Fallout 4 folder, then got to Tools folder and then BodySlide folder.  Inside the BodySlide folder you will see a Config.xml file, you need to replace the Config.xml file in this mod with that Config.xml file.  You can only have one Config.xml file at a time, and please do not rename this file as I do not know what will happen.

Bethesda for Fallout 4
Ousnius and Caliente for BodySlide and Outfit Studio
The makers of Notepad++

This mod was make by myself using Notepad++.

I hope that you enjoy the extended slider range for BodySldie!