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Version 1.5 Update
New Features: Every bite now grants experience towards advancing your "Vampire Level". Each level raises your maximum blood pool and widens your feeding options. Level two enables feeding on ghouls. Level three enables feeding on super-mutants. Level four enables feeding on most animals. You can check your current "Blood EXP" and how far you are from the next level by using the "Check Blood Pool" power.

Nuka Sanguinare: Boston Vampire Party adds, if you haven’t guessed yet, vampirism to the commonwealth. Whether out of a thirst for power and revenge or simple boredom, you can become a creature of the night.
Feast on the Blood of the Living: Gain a powerful bite attack that scales with Strength and Brawling, usable on humans that costs action points but restores your health and grants blood pool.
Face your Hunger: Experience dynamic stages of blood thirst that give different bonuses and penalties based on how hungry for blood you are. Only human blood will sustain you, mortal food and drink is worthless.
Shun the Sun: Exposing yourself to bright light during the day irradiates you. Keep full of blood to mitigate this damage. Don’t try to brave the day while hungry!
Relish in your Preternatural Might: Gain new powers that gift you with extraordinary strength and speed at the cost of blood.
Heal Grievous Wounds: Expend some of your blood to heal wounds that would cripple mortals.
Pierce the Shadows: Use your toggleable night-vision power to stalk your prey.
Cultivate your Domain: Plant Vampiric Bloodleaf in your settlements that will harvest the blood of the settlers that tend them. Be wary, plant too many and your settlers will suffer under the strain! Unless that’s what you want, of course.
Home is Where the Coffin Is: Build coffins in your settlements to sleep in.
Choose your own Grim Visage: Don’t like our provided vampire eyes? Use your own or another mod’s! The choice is yours.

Nothing special. Download, install, and play.

Craft the ‘Vampire Cure’ from any cooking station and eat it. It will then be safe to uninstall the mod. Note that this is only necessary if your character is actually a vampire.

This mod should be completely compatible, or at least safe to use with, almost any other mod. We took pains to make sure we didn’t change any vanilla resources and to make everything of ours as independant as possible, and we used FO4edit to make it squeaky clean.

Becoming a vampire changes the game in three fundamental ways.

First, you have a “Blood Thirst” rating, a number between 0 and 100. 100 is full, 0 is starving. Every in game hour that passes subtracts 5 points. You can gain blood thirst rating by using your bite attack(R by default in the context menu) on humans or by drinking “Nuka Blood Packs”. Normal blood packs don’t restore blood thirst, but you can purify 2 of them at a cooking station into 1 Nuka Blood Pack. In addition, as mentioned under features, you can grow Vampiric Bloodleaf in your settlement. They require 1 Nuka Blood Pack and 1 Bloodleaf (you can find some growing in the water outside Sanctuary). Rather than adding food to a settlement, they subtract 1. After assigning a settler, you can harvest a Nuka Blood Pack from the vine just like any other crop. In addition, stimpacks are now half as effective.

Second, you are vulnerable to bright light during daylight hours (6am-6pm). While exposed to bright light you will take an increasing amount of radiation damage based on how hungry you are. You can mitigate this damage just like any normal radiation damage. You can use your “Vampire Blood Heal” to heal this damage (or any other radiation) but it costs blood with every use, so be careful not to just make yourself more vulnerable to the sun.

In general, settlements are more important to vampires, especially if you are playing on survival mode since raiders you can eat as snacks will quickly become harder and harder to find.

Third, you cannot use your bite attack while in power-armor. This doesn’t mean you can’t use power-armor, but it does incentivize using power-armor differently.

Q: How do I become a vampire?
A: You need to find the “Nuka Sanguinare" Blood Pack. Drink, and let the games begin. A future (hopefully the next) update will change this into a quest.
*spoiler* its in the cave underneath the Red Rocket Gas Station */end spoiler*

Q: How do I get those rad red eyes you showed in the trailer?
A: Either pick them at character creation or use a surgeon. You can also use the console. We realize this is not ideal, and are working on a better solution.

Q: Why do my stimpacks suck now?
A: That’s intentional. While vampiric blood flows in your veins this human medicine will only be half as effective. You do have access to a healing ability that reduces your blood pool.

Q: How come vanilla blood packs don't effect my blood thirst?
A: This is a compatibility decision. Rather than editing the vanilla blood pack and potentially creating conflicts, we made it possible to 'purify' two of them into one 'Nuka Bloodpack' that does effect blood thirst.

Q: I dropped my (insert power name here) item! How do I get another one?
A: You can craft replacements from an any cooking station under the “Nuka Sanguinare” category.

Q: How come the coffins don’t count as settlement beds?
A: Two reasons. First, normal people don’t sleep in coffins. Second, we figured most people wouldn’t want their settlers squatting in their crib.

Q: I’m playing on survival mode and I get hungry and thirsty. What kind of vampire needs to eat normal food?
A: This is another thing we don’t like that we are working on a solution for. In the meantime, we recommend using this mod to disable them.

Q: Is this lore friendly?
A: “The dark side is a path to many abilities some would consider unnatural…”

Q: That’s not really an answer.
A: That wasn’t really a question. Okay, in all seriousness the answer is “sort of”. Vampires have appeared in previous Fallout games, but not exactly the way we are portraying them here. On the other hand, none of the abilities you get are any more magical than what Glowing Ones have. Make of that what you will.

Q: How do you have an FAQ if the mod only came out today(recently)?
A: Magic. Black. Magic.

Planned Improvements
-Making it so the character editor is launched when you become a vampire so you can customize your appearance then.
-Handling the disabling of hunger and thirst in survival mode in house rather than requiring another mod
-Custom animations for the bite attack.
We would have prefered to include all of these in version 1.0, but we ran into unexpected problems with each of them. If anyone wants to help/share sage wisdom on how to make any of these work, please feel free to contact us.

Planned Features
-Vault 1897: A new vault to get trapped in— I mean to explore in. This will replace the current method of becoming a vampire, and provide the opportunity to recruit a unique vampire companion.
-Vampirc Ranks: Gain vampire experience by using your bite attack. Increasing ranks will strengthen your vampire powers, give you new ones, and expand your blood pool. Higher ranks will also expand the types of enemies you can feed on.
-settings holotape for greater convenience.

Suggested Mods
Darker Nights for better atmosphere.
Survival Options to disable hunger and thirst in survival mode.

Known Issues:
-We don’t currently have a way to tell the difference between sunlight and other light, so you will take damage from brighter electric lights during the day while in the exterior world space.
-If you plant more Vampiric Bloodleaf than you have normal food, your settlement food total may go to -999. As far as we can tell this is no different than having a food total of 0. If this bothers you, just plant more normal food or plant less Vampiric Bloodleaf.
-Your settlers are more than happy to welcome their new vampire overlord and let you feed on them without consequence. Whether or not this is a feature or a bug probably depends on your taste.

Head Vampire: Xanzorath
Head Hunter: Scriptorian
Phnx of Glowing Eyes: We didn’t directly use any of their stuff, but we did look at them to figure out how to make our own.
Gopher: Because we never would have gotten into modding without his awesome vids.