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This mod contains 5 new custom races that can be applied to both new and existing characters.
Current races: Buoy, Grill, Pilot Cat, Pony, and Snoo

Permissions and credits

This mod contains 5 new custom races that can be applied to both new and existing characters.

You'll need to install a (CaN) player plugin to actually use one of these races.

Current races:
   Pilot Cat

Community Addons:
Load Order:
  • Fallout4.esm
  • All DLCs
  • Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
  • CaN.esm
  • RaceCustomizer.esp
  • RaceCustomizer - Far Harbor Compatibility Patch.esp (if you need it)
  • **CaN - Addons**
  • CaN - Companions.esp
  • CaN - Player Plugin.esp

You can have multiple Player plugins downloaded, but you should only have ONE ACTIVE at any given time. Place any Player Plugins at the VERY BOTTOM of the load order.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: Can I reupload this mod elsewhere?
A1 : Yes.  Xbox archives are included in the downloads section.  You are free to upload both the PC and Xbox versions where ever you want.

Q2: Can I modify your mod / fix it / make my own version?

A2:  Yes, script source is included.
IMPORTANT:  You DO NOT have permission to use anything in this mod for commercial purposes.

Q3: Can I apply the new races to my existing human character?
A3:  Yes, an example of how to do this is seen in the video.

Q4: Can I apply a different CaN race after already applying a previous one?
A4:  Yes, use the same method as for a human character, switch to a new player plugin, load your game, then switch presets.

Q5: How do I uninstall this mod?
A5: First turn off the player plugin, then load your game and open the face editor in the CaN Customizer, switch presets then save your game.  After that, you can safely turn off CaN.esm.

Q6: All the NPCs have big/small heads!
A6: Make sure that you've installed Race Customizer.

Q7: They're still messed up!
A7:  Turn off any mod that adds stuff like new tattoos (it affects HumanRace).

Q8: The game crashes during loading screens, all human NPCs are missing!
A8:  Race Customizer was updated some time ago, you might need to delete and reinstall it.

NOTE: CaN.esm by itself, should be compatible with any and all mods (unless you have a mod that modifies the Power Armor SKELETON). It's when you start using the Player Plugins is when problems could occur, though in most cases, it should work fine. For now, the only known compatibility problems are with Alternate Start Mods.




Special thanks to lazyradly for also doing a ton of troubleshooting and general assistance on this project.


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Also, for non-human parents who wish to discard their STOLEN adopted human baby, why not try the Vault-Tec IMMER-BABBY?

lazyradly's addtional STATS/Interface mods:

VAULT GIRL STATS - (NEXUS, BETHESDA NET)  -> (Load this before any CaN player plugins to overlay the new CaN STATS head over it)