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The mod adds toggleable Stealth Boy into Commonwealth. Update 1.4.1

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Update 1.4.1
-Added support for multiple companions at the same time (every active companion is affected by toggleable Stealthboy)
-Fixed issue - when you were out of action points companions still stayed invisible 

Update 1.4
-Added support for companions - now they become invisible with you while you are using toggleable Stealth Boy (New options can be chosen from configurator)
-Added two more AP drain cost options.

Update 1.2

-Added a Configurator which allows to change Action Points drain cost and strength of toggleable Stealth Boy.
The Configurator will be automatically added when you complete a quest from this mod. (If you have already completed it the Configurator will be automatically added when you load your save). 


The mod adds toggleable Stealth Boy, which consumes Action Points while turned on.

How To Use:
Place in favorites and toggle whenever you want, or use it from pipboy. 

Where To Get:
Just follow a small quest which will start automatically, when you load your game. It's very short and was made for immersion (I don't like when new stuff is added in game without some lore explanation if possible). If you accidentaly drop and lost it, you can craft it on Chemistry station after you complete the quest.

Use NMM or drag and drop files into fallout 4 directory

None. If you find any please let me know.

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