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Customizable Posters to add your own images to fallout

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Also think about trying Posters For You Landscape
to complete your poster collection.

Paintings, there grate!...  But not.
Paintings are good at make you settlements look pretty. Oh so pretty...
But they are just so bland.

XvomTheMad has gone a long way into fixing this with Personal Paintings and Personal Posters.

But after buying (in real life) a Nuka Girl poster, I started to think.
The in game posters are not as big as the ones in real life and they look like scrap. see the joke? Not funny? ok, moving on...
I wanted my posters to look good and be seen!

This mod adds 10 or 20 large scale posters that you can customize!

Ed the eyebot for scale as I had no bananas!

To Customize them go to

Fallout 4\Data\textures\PostersForYou\

And edit
PostersForYou01.dds to PostersForYou10.dds and PostersForYou11.dds to PostersForYou20.dds if you have Version B

You can use GIMP a free editing software thats as good as photoshop.

The posters images sizes are 735x1024 and the canvas sizes are 1024x1024 use the blueprint image as a reference.

Here are some examples to inspire you!


2.5 Has Transparency And Now have a Glow layer

To edit the Glow layer go to textures\PostersForYou and edit the corresponding number PostersForYouXX_g.dds to your poster number.
All you have to basically do is add white, to the parts you want to glow.
The more similar to the poster the better and any area left black will not glow.

You will find the posters in the settlement crafting menu in the painting section

Link To The Poster For You Art Resource Packs Page


Have fun and please do add some screenshots of how you use this mod!

If you are having trouble editing the file this may help you!
See below.

If you are using GIMP you will need the DDS Plugin, just google "gimp .dds" and you will find it.
If you have it already then...

Open a PostersForYouXX.dds file without the load mipmaps checked.
Then drag or paste your new artwork into it as a new layer above the original in the layer menu.

Do not adjust the canvas sizes of the PostersForYouXX, it has to be 1024x1024
The image must be in the center and must be 735x1024 to work within game

You may have to do some editing to your new artwork, but as long as its 735x1024 it should be ok.

Then click on layers and click "Merge Down", so it's all one layer.
Then go to File and click on "overwrite PostersForYouXX.dds"
Its just below the save, save as, save copy options.

Now close the window or program.
You may get a message saying "Save the changes to image", just click Discard Changes.
As long as you did overwrite it should have been saved.
And now it should work in game. :)

If you are not using gimp I can't really help you, I have not used anything else in a long time.
I am sorry.
Oh and this is a good way to edit and save any dds texture