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Any-resolution borderless fullscreen

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This mod allows you to run Fallout 4 in borderless fullscreen, but have it rendered at any resolution.

Why would you want to do that?

  • Play at a lower resolution to get higher framerates, but without sacrificing fast task switching
  • Play in full-screen at any resolution, even those your monitor doesn't support

You might find this mod useful if...

  • You don't have a top-of-the-line video card which can run Fallout 4 on Ultra settings at your monitor's native resolution
  • You have a 4K monitor which doesn't support scaling in MST (60 FPS 4K) mode


  • Install the DLL loader and place d3d11.dll in the same directory as Fallout4.exe.
  • Unpack this mod and place the NativeMods directory in the game's directory.


First, make sure that "Window mode" and "Borderless" are enabled in the launcher.

Set the resolution in the launcher to be the resolution you want the game to be rendered at (i.e. lower than your monitor's native resolution).

If you want to use a resolution that's not listed in the launcher's dropdown, you can set it by editing your Fallout4Prefs.ini (usually "C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Prefs.ini"). Set "iSize W" and "iSize H" to the desired resolution.

The mod will upscale whatever resolution the game is set to use to the size of your primary monitor.

I recommend using exactly one half of your monitor's native resolution.

Known issues:

ReShade is incompatible with this mod, and most other mods which attempt to modify the same graphics APIs as ReShade, or use the same DLL loading method as ReShade. See here for more information.


0.1 (2015-11-21):
  • Initial release

Source code: