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Adds multiple new additions and tweaks to Manufacturing Extended. Such as DLC support and Chem machines!

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Alright, I've had to overhaul the description page due to the most recent update, which is a major overhaul.

This mod now adds the following:
*All DLC Support for ammo machines and the ballistic weapon machine.
*A Chem machine.
*A "Nuka-Loom" machine.
*New Textures
*Tweaked ammo recipes from Manufacturing Extended.
*Armour machines allowing the construction of full armour sets.

That's right. This mod builds upon the mod, Manufacturing Extended, by Kentington by adding and tweaking where he left off. Firstly, it's added the DLC ammo in to the base ammo machine, now called the Ballistic Ammo Machine. It has also added some new machines, the much requested Chem station, and the Energy Weapon ammo machine. As of right now, only the Ballistic ammo machine has its unique texture, but that is scheduled to change as the mod grows. It should also be noted while this builds upon Manufacturing Extended, it is not required to use this mod. So if you're only after the DLC support, then this mod works just as well on its own.

I have also played around with a few of the recipes that Kentington had provided when making the ammo because I felt they didn't fit. Such an example is replacing the copper in Plasma Cartridges to plastic, because they look more plastic than coppery.

The chem machine at present only has base game chems, nothing from DLC. But it does allow the creation of Med-X, Rad-X and Buffout, recipes not in the base game. The Energy Weapon ammo machines does what it says on the box, and it now allows the creation of flares and fusion cores. All with balancing of course.

Huge thanks to Cartman1975 to helping me figure out how to add recipes, as well as making me the new textures. As well as Kentington for making the original Manufacturing Extended mod.

Recommended mods
  • Growable wild plants - Great for growing plants for the chem machine such as brain fungus and hubflower.
  • Manufacturing Extended - Goes without saying really.  This mod builds upon said mod, so I recommend it if you don't yet have it. Just ensure this mod is loaded over it however, as this mod fixes a few bugs that one had.
  • Worthwhile Eyebot Pods - Great for getting components for the manufacturing machines. Especially lead and fertilizer.
  • Power Armour Forge - Adds machines for all 4 power armour types. Saves myself having to make these machines.

Load Order

Thanks to GenericFallout for finding this out.

Working Load Order for Manufacturing Extended Expanded:
Your .esms (as you can't really move them...)

Amorsmith Extended.esp

ManufacturingExtended.esp (Kentington's mod)
DLC items to manufacturing.esp (from this mod)

<.esps that add/change ITEMS you can make (Armor, weapons, and such)

ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion-VanillaWeight.esp (Your ViS picks might change the name here)

<.esps that change/add settlers (Better Settlers, Don't Call me Settler, those kinds of mods)

Radrose Usability Enhancements.esp
Radrose -Valdacil Patch - Armorsmith Extended.esp
Radrose - Vladacil Patch - SettlersRename.esp

<.esps with regards to your workshop/settlements

Scrap Everything... if you use it! (j/k, it should already be dead-last )

This load-order MIGHT work for you, if you use AWKCR, a bit of AE, some settlermods, and the ViS/DEF_Inv/Radrose package.

YOUR mileage may vary.

Of course, I also highly recommend using LOOT as well.