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Last updated at 3:41, 5 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 3:49, 5 Sep 2016

                                          Use this mod simultaneously with my other mod, Detailed Urban Food
        Using both mods together will enhance your food hunting experience throughout the entire Boston Wasteland.

Are you a survivalist that's sick of seeing the same old Insta Mash boxes, and Cram tins, every
time you're scavenging for food? Or are you just bored of the same old food you see lying about?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, well this mod is for you!
I like variety! Which is why I created these new food items.
My intent was to make these items fuse with the wasteland like they were part of the game
to begin with. The food labels are from the 1950s, so they will blend into the games
surroundings and atmosphere just like any other food item.

This mod adds an abundance of new food items to the Fallout 4 wastelands. More than 40!
All the new items can be used exactly like vanilla food items, and have very similar values
and effects. Such as, granting health, or sickening you with radiation.
This mod will enhance your food hunting experience, making it more immersive,
visually appealing, detailed, and more realistic.

These new consumables can be found in the same places as any other food item.
You can find them in kitchens, on shelves, in refrigerators, on the ground, ect.
The new food has also been added to leveled lists. Meaning, merchants/vendors may
have some of these new items for sale. Also there's a chance you can aquire these new items
in loot drops, or when looting containers.

Also included in this mod, are per-war versions of all consumable items.
Pre-war food is extremely rare. The preserved food is very clean, and has no radiation
effects. The most likely place you'll find pre-war food, is before the bomb drops at the beginning of
the game.(Be advised, you can't add them to your inventory at this point in the game)
There are also a few post war locations, but they are only placed where Bethesda placed
their vanilla pre-war food.

Recipes have been added to allow for crafting of pies and bowls of cereal at any
cooking station. Pies have greater effects than ordinary packaged goods, and are radiation
free. Bowls of cereal also grant the player with additional health, but will be slightly
irradiated if made with dirty water.

Example Recipe 1: Cherries+Pie Crust+Sugar= Cherry Pie
Example Recipe 2: Frosted Flakes+Evaporated Milk+Dirty Water= Bowl of Frosted Flakes(Rads)

Wasteland Survival is a vanilla magazine perk.
Reading issues of this comic will grant increasing survival efficiency.
Like vanilla packaged foods, after reading the 3rd issue of The Wasteland Survival Guide,
these new foods will grant +50% healing upon consumption.

Beef o' Ghetti
Beef Ravioli
Frosted Flakes
Sassy Cat
Puss n' Boots
Champ Cat Food
Chicken Biskit
Chicken Chow Mein
Cracker Jacks
Evaporated Milk
Fish Sticks
Fruit Salad
Lucky Charms
Peanut Butter
Pie Crust
Pizza Ghetti
Pontefract Cakes
Rice Krispies
Ritz Crackers
Sugar Crisp
Sugar Jets
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Raisin Pie
Cherry Pie
Lucky charms Bowl
Frosted Flakes Bowl
Rice Krispies Bowl
Sugar Crisp bowl
Sugar Jets Bowl
Sugar Bombs Bowl
Fruit Salad & Whip Cream Bowl

You can place this mod anywhere in your load order. Just make sure it is below the main
Fallout4.esm and all DLCs.

This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod that changes food stats, or changes the way
food works in the game.

This mod will not affect performance(Frame Rate). All textures are in the same format
(compression) as Bethesda textures. Texture sizes do not exceed 1024x1024. Normal maps are
DX10. Mod has been cleaned with FO4Edit. All dirty edits have been removed.


I will continue to update this mod to squash any bugs that may arise. Also I have
plans to add compatibility for Far Harbour and Nuka World. Stay tuned!

Creation Kit
Photoshop C6
3dsMax 2014
Material Editor
PhotoShop Intel Texture Works Plugin

Install using NMM


Manual Install

1. Extract the file using 7zip or a similar archive extractor

2. Place/Merge the extracted Data folder to the Fallout 4 Data directory located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4

3. Tick the UrbanFoodExpanded.esp in your mod manager before starting your game.

4. Install Complete

Use NMM to Uninstall


Manual Uninstall by removing/deleting the UrbanFoodExpanded.esp and all files associated in
the Data directory.

clintmich - Author
Nexus Sites - For the best mod hosting site on the net
Bethesda - For another awesome Fallout
clinster74 & Bond123 - For the Pie mesh
TrophiHunter - For the PhotoShop Intel Texture Works Plugin
ousnius - For the Material Editor
jonwd7 - For B.A.E.
zilav - For FO4Edit
Gamers(You) - For downloading and playing my mods which inspires me to make more!