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The Liberty Power Armor was the U.S. Military's first attempt at creating a superweapon tasked at liberating Anchorage, Alaska from the Red Chinese during the Sino-American war of 2072.

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Liberty Power Armor

Note: This Mod is no longer being updated.

The original prototype was designed as a Power Armor, but the U.S. military soon came to realize it wouldn't be enough. After failing to create an adequate weapon that would effectively wipe the Red Chinese from Anchorage, the Military went to General Atomics and RobCo Industries. They came up with Liberty Prime, the 40 ft. tall and heavily armed combat robot. Liberty Prime never left its bay under the Pentagon during the war, however, due to its power system not being fully functional. Anchorage was still liberated using T-51b Power Armor, but was much more costly and spanned a longer time frame. The Prototype armor was abandoned at the Commonwealth Sentinel Site, now a part of the vast "Glowing Sea", by the U.S. Military not long after the development of Liberty Prime.

There are several skins and headlamp colors to choose from currently, as well as multiple unique upgrades.

Installation: Open mod file with Nexus Mod Manager OR Manually Extract files and place in your Fallout 4 Data Folder.

This armor can be acquired in 3 ways:
1.) A frame of the armor is located right before the Sentinel Site Nuke storage room, in a collapsed corridor to the left between two nuke cages (Armor)
2.) By crafting it at the chemistry bench under the "Liberty" Category (Armor and Weapons)
3.) By using console commands (Armor and Weapons)

In order to get the armor pieces through console commands you must type in console: help "Liberty (Name of Piece)" 4, then you will be able to use player.additem (item id) 1 to get each item. You must use quotations if you want to get an item through the help command that contains more than one word.

Now available on Xbox One and PS4*
XB1: https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/2232496
PS4: https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/2299874

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