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Enables god rays at night.

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This small tweak enables god rays at times that previously had none.

A few important things

1. This took 30 seconds to make.

2. It is quite strong to show off the effect. Simply lower the intensity in FO4edit to decrease it.

3. If you have your god rays setting too low things will be very blurry and you'll be able to see a grid. This happens without the mod but now it's even more noticeable at night. If you can run things at ultra or with tweaked grid settings things will look great. I have a gtx 1070 and still prefer using this mod.

My other mods that work well with this one

Near Fog Zero

Distant Blur Remover

Less Intense Image Adapters


This mod only edits the "none" god ray setting to have god rays. Anything that has this setting will now use these god rays.
No weather mods or DLC edit this, so it works with everything.

Thank you to user Nexak for coming up with a much cleaner way to do this mod. He is to thank for it being compatible with all DLC's and other weather mods!