Fallout 4
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Adds a property to Stimpaks that allow them to heal radiation like RadAway.

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Fallout 4 introduced and changed many features from previous Fallout installments and the radiation system was one of them. The Fallout 3/New Vegas radiation system was in my opinion, very well done. Radiation would have negative effects but you could allow it to build up for a while before dealing with it. In the case of Fallout 4, radiation impairs your health and letting it build up can prove troublesome in combat. Personally, I didn't like using RadAway before having to heal. It seems I'm always irradiated and I don't like wasting stimpaks when I have rads, so them healing costs RadAway and a stimpak. Thus this mod was born.

What It Does
Using a stimpak heals both health and radiation, in the same way exact RadAway works. From this RadAway becomes obsolete. 

Known Bugs
Healing percentage is displayed much higher in Pip-Boy than what actually occurs.

v1.0 - Release