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  1. LtCommander
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    Compatability PSAs:

    Third party mods/translations (including those listed here) may not be compatible with 1.5, unless otherwise stated by the authors.

    Valwereth was kind enough to make an AWKCR Compatibility patch:

    a_blind_man made a visual reload patch (impressive feat given his troubles!:

    BrowncoatGarrus made a new calibers patch:

    Combat Scopes:
    As of Combat Scopes 1.18.4, combat scopes are now included in that mod. The scopes available there are more traditional as they have a smaller profile and don't block out the rest of the screen.
    The optional download available with this mod will work with the scopes included with that mod - if you have both, you'll have (on top of 3 vanilla meshes) another three variants of sniper scope!

    Visible Weapons:
    Available as an optional download! See the files page. Confirmed compatible with 1.5.
  2. LtCommander
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    1.5 Patch notes:

    Headliner is a set of animations by Hitman47101! He's taken the time to tweak every animation to fix the floating thumb, move the rifle, and authored new animations to being the bolt back to the right side of the gun! Animations work both in and out of power armor! The cope in first person is better and the third person rifle is also much better.

    I finally tweaked the leveled lists! Spawn rate on raiders specifically should be less common. It should effect new raider spawns on current games, but I can't guarantee it'll be completely fixed except on new games.

    I doubled the resolution of the main texture map, so it's now 4k! It actually comes much closer to the general pixel density of most of the mods, so it should just look 'sharper'. It wasn't just an upscale either, I rebaked the texture maps on Marmoset Toolbag and remastered them in dDo, so they're truly higher resolution and not just bigger.

    Spawn lists for the legendary rifles have been tweaked in order to make their appearance more predictable - the guns should mirror their counterparts from the old games.

    Known issues
    Legendaries may not spawn when they're supposed to. If you're getting this issue, open the console and (provided you know the XX prefix for the mod) type the following commands into the console:
    'SetStage XX003DF9 20' (forces the Gobi to spawn)
    'SetStage XX003DF9 30' (forces the Reservist Rifle to spawn)
    'SetStage XX003DF9 40' (forces the Vistory Rifle to spawn)
    'SetStage XX003DF9 50' (forces the Hub Special to spawn)
    This will force the legendary weapon spawner to respawn the guns in their containers. This is only an issue with old saves, it'll be fine on a new game.

    Other notes
    There's one more legendary with a unique firemode, receiver, and magazine that it seems like only one person has asked me about. Come on guys!
  3. BacteriophageBS
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    For anyone having any kind of animation problems:
    It's almost certainly a conflict with another animation changer. Try disabling any animation changers (such as the various female walk mods) and see if the problem persists. It could also be a skeleton issue if you're using an unusual skeleton.
  4. datastealer
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    For those who still have issues whit the uniques rifles, you can use the console trick to spawn unique weapons. There is: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo4/comments/3sp58m/guide_how_to_create_your_own_legendary_items_with/

    in my case i only wanted the BOS version of the rifle, so i type "help "circle of steel" 0" in the console to found the atachment ID (OMOD).
  5. Sandatharius
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    Nice weapon, but when the animation for a kill-shot plays, my character is shown with the rifle pointed up the air (like the way you'd hold it with the weapon at rest, when you don't want to point it at someone....not aiming the rifle in the air) Any fix for this?
  6. skreeeboy
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    Awesome job overall. Super interesting looking rifle, cool upgrades. The only thing I could nitpick about is that even though it's meant to be a sniper rifle, it includes sawed off and stub barrels. If you're to use this as a sniper rifle, then you'd never consider these barrels. Well, when might you want these barrels? If you're going to want a large caliber rifle as a squad support weapon and using it in close quarters against stronger foes (power armor, sentry bots, etc...). I doubt any more changes will be made to this mod as it's probably considered finished long ago, but if I were to suggest a change, I would include a large capacity magazine (at least 20rds.) and perhaps a drum magazine (40rds.) and an automatic fire option ONLY when using the shorter barrels (not available when using the more sniper-correct long barrels) it would give the player a reason to mod the rifle with the shorter barrels and the reflex sight, otherwise, I don't see the point.

    Again, great mod overall, endorsed.

    UPDATE: Just found the Hub Special, so disregard all the stuff I wrote about the uselessness of the short barrel.
  7. whitepigeon097
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    For some reason the mod stopped working and I lost all my DKSs, but I want them back, ESPECIALLY The Circle of Steel one, since I'm no longer friends with them, I can't spawn it again at Prydwyn and come to take it.
  8. NayrianKnight
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    While you list the locations of the unique ones in the description, I completely forgot about them and was surprised to find the CoS Rifle. Cool texture and effect, but what are the effects and textures of the other unique rifles? And what’s so special about the unnamed one that you list last?
  9. vjnmrf6
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    Version 1.5 is hopelessly corrupted by * A complete set of new animations by Hitman47101! *, Which, in fact, are very mediocre. At the sight of a third person character holds a weapon vertically. In previous versions of this s*** no. Judging by the fact that it has been more than two years since the last update, there is no point in waiting for corrections.
  10. HankMcGurk
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    Video Available here on Nexus Mods
  11. CursedHeroes
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    Besides some minor quirks here and there (which of course could just be my own systems fault) this is such a great add on to a weapon, that in all honesty should have already existed in the game from the beginning! Very well done and the Legendary/Unique variants were a nice add on also!
  12. Worldcrusher312
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    love the mod buuut when equipped with the surdy metal arm armor the armor is seen on the screen in a very annoying and immersion breakiing way
    1. Lystraeus
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      Also getting this with small leather armor - it's the shoulder on the left side of the screen showing in 1st person.
    2. K21Nova
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      I also have the left shoulder blocking my screen when wearing a Militarized Minutemen uniform, as well as when I'm naked, so I'm guessing it has nothing to do with which armor or clothing we are wearing, but it is the first person settings of the gun itself.

      Really annoying. The left shoulder needs to go.