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// DKS-501 Sniper Rifle //
// Version 1.4 - 1 OCT 2016 //
// Made by Lt_Commander //

The iconic long range weapon of the Fallout Series makes its return as a fully moddable gun in the Commonwealth!


Changelist -

Custom reload animations by Haru! The animations mesh with the default combat rifle set, so there are still positioning issues at this time. That said, the animations provided are great!
Custom sounds by Partisan Executioner! His reload sounds bring the gun up a notch, and his firing sounds are a remixed and beefed up effect from the previous games. It really makes the gun pop!
Compatibility for combat scopes! 2x, 4x, and 8x scopes and recon scopes are now available using the framework. Optional .esp.
Compatibility for holstered weapons! If you have the mod installed, it'll automatically equip the default configuration for the sniper rifle. Optional .esp. I'm including multiple variant meshes from various authors, so you can swap them out and pick the one you like the best if you so desire.
New meshes for the weapon magazines! Because you can see the bullets in the magazines now, I replaced them with higher quality meshes. Uses LODs, so they'll only show up in first person
Tweak to Gobi materials - the wood stock is now a light wood, it clashes less with the desert camo.
New legendary material: Circle of Steel paint scheme! The material buffs damage like a receiver mod and has an embedded 'Instigating' effect. It can be found in the forecastle of the Pridwen.
New Legendaries! The Reservist's Rifle and Vicory Rifle make an appearance in the Commonwealth. They have similar characteristics to their older counterparts. See the discovery section for locations.
There are rumors of another legendary weapon that made its way to the shores of the commonwealth, but specifics on what makes it unique are few and far between. Those that have beheld it have spoken only of the over-power it has. (FO4Edit users, please don't spoil it!)

New Barrel - Snub Barrel: All the benefits of the sawed off barrel, but with threading and muzzle compatibility.
New Sights - Standard Military Sights: The glow sights, but without the glow. Tear two will now be referred to 'tier 2' sights
Tweaked the FOV for tier 2 sights, should have a slightly tighter zoom to help negate bloom on the glowsights and DOF.
Tweaks to the leveled lists to allows for more sights and less scopes to spawn on guns at lower levels, and the inclusion of the new mods.
Baked in partial compatability with the visible holstered weapon mod. This technically won't change anything, but it leaves open the framework for someone to add a working mesh.
Adjustments to ammo counts per caliber, a 10% reduction of ammo for .50 cal, a 20% increase of ammo for .38. Not much of a difference, but better then nothing. A large mag will now hold 12, 10, or 9 rounds depending on caliber.
Tweaked reload speeds for the quick eject mags, should now be a worthwhile upgrade from regular mags without being overpowered.
Fixed the second texture sheet textures, the heavy ported barrel now blends in seamlessly with the recievers.
Fixed smoothing errors with the scope.

Fixed the muzzleflash issue, the gun now flashes from the muzzle.
Fixed the missing sounds with .38 cal and higher end stocks. All stocks now have full sound effects for every caliber.
Thank you DMagnus for hammering out both of these bugs!

Adjusted reload speed to something more realistic.
Fixed pistol projectile from suppressor. Thanks, DarkSeraphym!


Recreate the classics – Using mods, recreate the Sniper Rifle from all of the previous main titles! Configurations allow for recreations of the DKS-501 from Fallout 1 & 2, Fallout 3, and even the unique parts and mods from New Vegas. I’ve even extended past that to bring some FO4 raider charm to the gun, and allow for a scopeless experience.
Completely standalone – no need for other mods or frameworks.
Uses common ammo – Choose between .38, .308, and .50 caliber receivers.
Integrates with existing weapons – The artwork, resolution of the mesh and textures, and even inclusion of vanilla weapon mods have been chosen or designed to blend in with the other guns in the base game. It stands with them, not apart from them.
Has a wide level of use – One of the reasons I made this mod was because I felt there aren’t any good late game dedicated ballistic snipers, my .50 ammo was just collecting dust after level 40 or so. This gun, like in previous titles, is better than the hunting rifle and should outperform the combat rifle for long range. In its basic configuration, it’s a raider frankenstien that fares slightly better than a pipe bolt action. With full mods, it should be able to earn its inventory weight well past level 80.
Dynamically added to leveled lists – no need to worry about conflicts with other mods.
Unique legendaries! Find the rare variants from FO3 and NV all over again!


Mod List:
-Category - Sights
--Makeshift Ironsights – Three nails in a wood board and some duct tape and you’ve got a basic sight picture
--Ironsights, Tier 2 – A tight sight picture more fitting of a military gun
--Ironsights, Tier 2 Glow – Same as above, complete with physical glow ring
--Reflex Sight, Makeshift – Borrowed from the pipe guns, it does the job well enough
--Reflex Sight, Dot – When you’re not a fan of scopes but you want to hit your target.
--Scope, Short (NV) – A makeshift short scope
--Scope, Medium (NV) – Using the vanilla scope model, this should give you more visual options
--Scope, Long (NV) – The recreation scope from 3/NV
--Scope, Recon, Long – A vanilla recon scope
--If installed, the long scope mesh is available as a short, medium, and long range combat scope.

-Category - Receivers
--Choose between .38, .308, and .50 semiauto, as well as armor piercing (AP) versions.
---Armor piercing receivers use the Fallout 1&2 ‘warning stripe’ receiver block. With the right perks, a .50 AP receiver is a serious threat to power armor.
---Recievers have minor variations in ammo count and firing speed to make them at least competitive with each other depending on available ammo and playstyle.

-Category - Barrels
--Sawed-Off Barrel – Makeshift barrel that helps to convert the gun into a short range hipfire blunderbuss. Not compatible with muzzles.
--Stub Barrel - By popular demand, a threaded very short barrel is available.
--Scout Barrel – Shorter and lighter than the standard barrel, it’ll reduce weight but at the cost of range. As seen in New Vegas.
--Long Barrel – The standard barrel for Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
--Long Ported Barrel – A heavier, longer range, and more accurate barrel that recreates the look of the Fallout 1&2 rifle.

-Category – Stocks
--Makeshift Stock – For when you want to yell ‘yeah I can jury rig anything’. It’s has similar properties to a short stock.
--Wood Stock - The classic wood stock from Fallout 1 &2, it’s the weapon’s ‘standard’ stock.
--Marksman’s Stock – The Default stock from Fallout 3 onwards, it is a standard marksman’s stock.
--Recoil Compensating Stock – The unique maintenance kit stock from New Vegas, it takes the role of the high level stock. Does not fight against weapon degradation as that is no longer a thing.

-Category – Muzzles
--Bayonet – The one holdover from the combat rifle, I thought it worked well enough to include.
--Compensator – The Fallout 1&2 heavy barrel tip.
--Muzzle Brake – The Fallout 3/NV massive barrel tip.
--Suppressor – A return from New Vegas and a staple of FO4.

-Category – Magazines
--Small & Quick Eject – 5 rounds
--Medium & Medium Quick Eject –7 rounds
--Large & Quick Eject – 10 rounds

-Category – Materials
--Choose between standard and Ballistic Fiber frames. If obtained, you can also use the Gobi Desert and Circle of Steel paint schemes.


The mod will add the gun to vendors’ leveled lists, as well as in the lists of the Raiders and Gunners, starting to show up around level 25. The quality of the guns found should scale up between levels 25 and 60, with Ballistic Weave coming in on epic drops at level 75.
You can also get legendary varinats from defeated high level legendary enemies, although rare.

For the console, you can do the help/placeatme commands to find/spawn it - the keyword for this mod is DKS. (help dks 4) The base gun is XX000800

Legendary Locations:
The Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle can be found in a master locked steamer trunk in a small house outside of Natick Banks.
The Circle of Steel Sniper Rifle can be found in a crate in the Prydwyn Forecastle.
The Victory Rifle can be found in the Vertibird Wreckage in the Glowing Sea. The configuration of this rifle depends on your level.
The Reservist's Rifle can be found in a duffle bag in Lynn Pier Parking.


Known Bugs:
Spawning frequency may be high/low/weird. It's hard to debug this, I get it in normal frequencies, but I've gotten reports that its on every raider or it just doesn't show up, and everything in between. With spawning being dynamically controlled by script, a clear solution is a little beyond my modding depth.
The scope is really big in first person/the hands don’t align in thirdperson – this is an animation related issue – the combat rifle/shotgun animations put the gun right next to the player’s face in first person. I had to sacrifice third person placement of the rifle and modify the mesh/scopes to reduce the screen space taken, but any further adjustments to either looked completely broken or would require a significant rework of the mesh. I do have some custom animations at this time, but fixing the placement would mean a completely new set. In version 1.4, I moved the reciever back to get the third person hands at least in the ballpark at the expense of first person size.
You can’t craft the Gobi/COS materials – this actually isn’t a bug since it has legendary properties, thus making it a unique ‘legendary mod’. It can be transferred between guns, like the sacrificial blade for the machete.
When spawning the Unique guns from console, they aren’t legendary/don’t have the legendary mod – this is due to how the game generates legendaries via script.
Legendaries may not spawn when they're supposed to. If you're getting this issue, open the console and (provided you know the XX prefix for the mod) type 'SetStage XX003DF9 10' into the console. This will force the legendary weapon spawner to respawn the guns in their containers. This is only an issue with old saves, it'll be fine on a new game.


Haru and Partisan Executioner are responsible for custom animations and sounds, hats off to them! ajhakra also helped troubleshoot issues with implimenting the custom animations in the CK.
Pokepunch was essential to getting the new legendaries working. Thanks!
I would just like to thank DeEz, Cookie, Omolong, and all the guys from the Facepunch forums for giving me some CK side support when I needed it, and Wasteland Melody for an excellent Chinese Assault Rifle mod and clear roadmap/template on this project.
Visible weapons versions from: asXas, fadingsignal, and strike105x. Thnaks for the assist, guys!
I’d also like to thank the community tool makers that continue to develop third party tools for this engine, there’s no way this would have happened with just the official toolset.