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Adds a private room for the player into the Minutemen Castle. Doesn't actually touch the Castle other than adding a new interior cell called "General's Quarters".

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  • German

This is the fourth mod in the faction housing overhaul series,
it adds a completely new private interior for the Minutemen General.

I strategically forgot to record entering the room, but it's on the right side of the "old General's quarters"
which Ronnie Shaw takes you through to access the tunnels.

It's a very basic room, albeit pretty. It only has a kitchen area, bed and some storage and so on.
I figured people want to fix0rupp3r their castles their own way and add their own workbenches,
so this one only has cooking (which is linked to the Castle cloud storage).

:: How to get in ::

 The old General in the tunnels has the key (OBVIOUSLY), get the key when you loot his armour.

:: General & Features ::

• No one except your active followers should enter the quarters. You get a real, private area in the Castle and no one will sleep in your bed. 
• You won't be able to send anyone here, only to Castle like normal

• Mirror in the bathroom can be used to change your appearance
(not compatible with Locksmith something something)

• Functional terminal to play holotapes

• Glorious unique storage stuff and clutter

:: Known issues ::

• When exiting the looks mirror you might get "stuck", just equip a gun and draw it to return to normal third/first person mode.
• If you've already looted the General's corpse in your save game, just unlock the door by using the developer console
(select door when in console, write unlock, done) 

:: The faction housing overhauls ::

• Vault 81 player room
• Prydwen
• Railroad
• The Castle
• Institute

• ???

:: THXU ::

♥ ♥ ♥ All my patrons and donors ♥ ♥ ♥ 

jet4571 for the immersive toilet paper, the tub and the bed :)
DDproductions for the Bobblehead shelf
Expired for the mirror facegen feature


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