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Faction Housing Overhaul - The Castle by Elianora

This is the fourth mod in the faction housing overhaul series,
it adds a completely new private interior for the Minutemen General.

I strategically forgot to record entering the room, but it's on the right side of the "old General's quarters"
which Ronnie Shaw takes you through to access the tunnels.

It's a very basic room, albeit pretty. It only has a kitchen area, bed and some storage and so on.
I figured people want to fix0rupp3r their castles their own way and add their own workbenches,
so this one only has cooking (which is linked to the Castle cloud storage).

:: How to get in ::

The old General in the tunnels has the key (OBVIOUSLY), get the key when you loot his armour.

:: General & Features ::

Mirror in the bathroom can be used to change your appearance
(not compatible with Locksmith something something)
Functional terminal to play holotapes
Glorious unique storage stuff

:: Known issues ::

When exiting the looks mirror you might get "stuck", just equip a gun and draw it to return to normal third/first person mode.
If you've already looted the General's corpse in your save game, just unlock the door by using the developer console (select door when in console, write unlock, done)

:: The faction housing overhauls ::

Vault 81 player room
The Castle
Institute quarters up next

:: THXU ::

jet4571 for the immersive toilet paper, the tub and the bed :)
DDproductions for the Bobblehead shelf
Expired for the mirror facegen feature