Fallout 4

About this mod

Gives all unique weapons (that is, renamed legendaries) in the vanilla game their own unique appearances and effects! Over 30 new uniques in all!

Permissions and credits
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  • Mandarin
  • German
****For best results, use this on a new game!****

Did you ever pick up at the end of a long dungeon one of those "unique" weapons and get disappointed that it's literally just a legendary weapon? Unique weapons should feel unique after all.
Don't worry, like so many things, I have fixed this erroneous error.
Unique Unique replaces all "unique" weapons (those weapons that are just renamed versions of normal weapons) in game with unique appearances and effects. Over 30 weapons are replaced with new models, textures, and effects!
What's more, uniques now behave like Kremvh's Tooth. The actual "unique" part of the weapon is a mod that can be detatched and put on other weapons, similar to Kremvh's Tooth. Also included is a brief system that uniqueifies any weapons you haven't gotten yet, and places unique mods down for any unique weapons you already found. 

-Over 30 new weapon mods, each with their own unique models and special effects
-New effects for the Silver Submachinegun and the Deliverer
-Seamless integration in new games

Again, I RECOMMEND A NEW GAME for users. It's not required and the unique mods will still show up, but because of how unique weapons are constructed, they will not be attached to the weapon in question.
If you are not starting a new game, you will recieve a message indicating that mods, instead of unique weapons, have spawned in the world, when firsting starting up. This occurs once.
Weapons normally sold on vendors will have their equivalent mod available for sale on that vendor. Weapons found in the world will have their loose mod spawn near their location (you'll just have to find them though)
Quest reward weapons will be available in locations semi-relevant to the quest, but ONLY IF the quest is already completed. Pickman's Blade in Pickman's Gallery, Survivor Special in Recon Bunker Theta, Righteous Authority in Cambridge Police Station, Ashmaker in Goodneighbor's State House, Wazer Wifle in Vault 111.
If all else fails and you cannot get these mods, included is a picture with the IDs of the OMODs and their names.

UU does NOT cover truly unique weapons, such as the Broadsider or Cryolator, simply because well, those are already unique.
Mods that modify the scripts for the Aspirational and Custom Item mods will not be compatible, but I really doubt any of those exist.
Everything else is compatible, such as Legendary Modification. The new mods in this mod DO NOT TAKE UP LEGENDARY SLOTS. Once again, they operate akin to Kremvh's Tooth. 
Again, I recommend HIGHLY a new game for this mod.

To Kos, for busting his butt and making many of the new weapon models

Finally, if you like what we've been doing, check out Maxwell's World, an upcoming amusement park quest mod that I will shill relentlessly.