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Dauntless is a unique submarine player home that can travel up and down the commonwealth coast. RECENTLY UPDATED

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Cybermoses Presents

The SSBN 'Dauntless' was a pre war nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine commissioned into the United States Navy on the 4th August 2069. She was to be designed as a smaller, faster and more stealthy submarine that still could carry a complement of four nuclear SLBM's.

G'day, as you may be aware, my modding repertoire has to date been somewhat lacking in terms of creating something truly unique. I decided that my previous mod, Moses' Bunker while a great start to modding FO4, wasn't what I truly wanted a player home mod to be. Therefore I had an idea after playing through the Far Harbour DLC and being fascinated by 'The Vessel' in the nucleus. I thought This would make a perfect player home if done right.

After many weeks of trial and error I am proud to present 'Dauntless' as a player home that aims to achieve just that. 

EDIT: I'm appreciating all the feedback and im glad theres been some helpful suggestions that i've been working into, and updating the mod over time. I would like to add a function to send companions/settlers to the sub to act as a 'crew' but my scripting knowledge is very limited so keep that in mind. Any help would be appreciated!

Credit to 'Harry' for the trailer

  • Completely Custom Submarine Layout and interior and I mean down to every wall and Hallway that is TO SCALE and representative of the exterior model.
***I can respect that for gameplay reasons, the interiors of 'The Vessel' and the 'Yangtze' are exaggerated in order to create a playable area. However I Felt that while in these interiors, you never really got the feeling of being underwater inside a submarine where you expect it to be cramped.

  • Custom Crafting Benches for Armor, Weapons, Chemistry, Cooking and Power Armor located throughout the ship so that every room has a purpose (see Images)
  • Custom Storage that is LINKED so that all crafting components are nearby
  • Nav Meshed properly throughout
  • Surgery Chair For Customising Appearance
  •  Barber chair and various other fixes to the port engine room
  • UPDATE 1.3
  • Added Far Harbor as a destination! Use with caution! I'm not sure what happens if you travel there before the main FAR HARBOR quest on the boat so I suggest doing that first before selecting Far Harbor!
  • UPDATE 1.4
  • Added The Castle and Spectacle Island as destinations (as requested) !
  • UPDATE 1.5
  • Added the Marine Tactical Egress and Launch System (M.T.E.L.S) which converts a standard SLBM launch tube into a system which launched Navy Marines in Power Armor further inland. I created this with inspiration from the comments and feedback from the community. It's a good way to extend the reach of The Dauntlesses Capability Inland! Currently there are only four locations but I can add a few later.
  • Update 1.6
  • Complete retexture of the exterior to a darker grey/black to better resemble a submarine colour scheme! Also added a reactor room to provide additional depth and the potential for future updates to add systems such as refueling etc.

The Biggest Feature however is the ability to move the submarine. As I am new to scripting, this was a huge leap for me and I struggled over the most simple things for way too long! I finally managed to get the submarine to move around the map including map markers and the fact that there isnt six versions of the same exterior but one that moves.

The 9 Locations are shown in the images Section****

How to Find Dauntless
Travel to fort strong where after defeating the super mutants, travel down to the jetty and board the sailing boat that will take you to the Submarine out at sea.
On a final note, any feed back is absolutely welcome and Im happy to take in any considerations. 
BethesdaNet Account "PinguJ12"!!