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A save game for people who want an allrounder, but with a focus on stealth.

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Hey Guys...
My first ever upload here (hopefully not my last) is a save game.

List of features:
  1. Completed Main Story
  2. Completed Far Harbor,Automatron, Nuka World(killing the raiders)
  3. Many mods required, but therefor many interesting Weapons, Armors, Landscapes
  4. 2 main settlements: Sanctuary, Nordhagen Beach
  5. Affinity maxed out with MacCready(because of Killshot)
  6. Level 65
  7. Two weapon, armor... storages  in Sanctuary(big)  and Nordhagen Beach(Small)
  8. custom made looksmenu face, Josie Body as Bodyslide preset
  9. many more features for you to explore

other Informations:

The Skillspoints that the character has gotten, dont match the spent  Skillpoints, this is because i used LevelUpMenuEX for a long time
and deleted it a time ago, so dont tell I cheated, I did  not it´s just buggy!

Look at the readme file!
I  dont no if it works with a ModManager(going to test it-.-)

to all the beatifull people that made the  mods I used!

there are some things from the CreationClub is use  in this build:

the lovely person that downloads this, I want to thank you personally for that^o^

Have Fun!