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You start strong, as is right for a war hero. With your pre-war basement standing and fully stocked in preparation for the worst. But your eventual promised vanilla godhood has been stripped away, and what progress you do make in strength and security is meager compared to before.

The gameplay is faster, more punishing, less predictable

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Immersive Gameplay Overview Videos and additional information
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Immersive Gameplay greatly overhauls combat, economy, leveling, and fixes world inconsistency in many ways. It is suited for both new and returning players, and with its many patches, it fits various playstyle and players skills. Its more efficient lists improve game efficiency, and it is compatible with almost everything.

The mod has seen hundreds of updates in its lifetime, each further refining it to deliver the FPS and RP experience to your Fallout 4. 

There are no artificial difficulties in Immersive gameplay, there is no illogical and secret empowerment to your enemies, the world is consistent, the world makes sense. And by making the world fair, consistent the gameplay has improved. Your motives and actions as a player improved. You think more, you have to or you would die. It pushes you to get closer to your character's true nature, it makes the hero role less obvious. 

There will be moments where you will feel powerful, almost unstoppable. And you could feel that way right off the bat, you could go wherever you wished to go. Those moments will be the most dangerous because in the apocalyptic world danger is everywhere. You have to bring your top game to every encounter, you cannot underestimate your enemies, or you will be caught unaware and perish.

In Immersive gameplay, you can go wherever you wish to go right from the start.  Specialize what you want right from the start, it is ideal for returning players, and suitable for first-timers as well. And it will remain  challenging throughout your entire playthrough

There are various patches that offer new interesting gameplay opportunities:
Low tech patch - suited for nonpower armored playthroughs.
Hardcore patch - Makes the survival aspects more difficult.
Easy patch - Suited for people who less good with shooters, it will make the enemies slower to react and give you more time to prevail.

I greatly thank Alisar for her immense help with the season patch, for making the installer all on her own, for adding her own version of scrap everything with no frame drop, for adding the workshop toolbox to the basement, for adding nifs to new items in the workshop, and for patches to mods. And to Jedstar2000 for his help with the merge patches, the contribution of more hardcore patches, and injecting new things into the main file. And of course to Minami for the Reddit page, the mod's previous home for consoles and PC. And thanks to all the people who stuck around and supported the mod with feedback and positivity.
Thank you all.

Other Modders: Thanks to Chucksteel for his No Health and Crippled Pop-Ups. And Valdacil for his tags.

Recommended Mods:

1) Start Me up - By far the best mod you could try with Immersive Gameplay.  Combined with Immersive Gameplay faster start(Level 10 starting from level  You can Rp any character you wish and live its daily harsh life in the Commonwealth. Be the hunter, be the scavenger, be a raider, whatever you want to be, you can be it. And because Immersive Gameplay works best with a new game, this mod will help you get right into the fun stuff.  

2) Immersive-Gameplay HUD

Patches Pages
Weapons Leveled Lists: MF, Doombased, and others.
General Patches(super Mutant; Raider, homemaker, and more)

Compatibility: Version 5 is the most compatible version, the mod is now compatible with most mods on the nexus. All weapon mods are compatible and work well with IG, leveled lists that are not injected through script will require a patch from the weapon patches page.

For  a complete overview&answers, please visit www.youtube.com/c/CaptainStarDreamer/
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