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Re-introduces things that should be in the game. Removes Hp from food. Restored tags where they should be. Etc. Requires AWKCR and Immersive Gameplay + Immersive Gameplay SHC.

Permissions and credits
Newest Update Changes:
-Added sorting tags to remaining dlc items
-Removed revolver fanning because its a bit buggy - instead use "Toggle Revolver Fanning" mod. you can search it on nexus.
-Rebalanced Genboost to be more than just a glorified bandage
-Added an optional patch that makes jet almost like it was in the previous fallout games if you think jet is op.
-Added more optional patches to work well with the following mods:
Legendary Overhaul
Doombased Weapons
For if you are using doombased weapons and the Immersive gameplay doombased patch found on the immersive gameplay page.

These patches just add sorting. If you cant stand having only some things sorted and then some things not sorted.

Sorting tags are still missing for certain quest items that I cannot seem to find the records for and if you find anything else that needs sorting pls leave a reply and let me know in the comments section.

Main File Description:

Restored Tags to misc Items, aid items, grenades, and ammo. (also restored ammo names to almost default for compatibility)
Restored Keywords to all vanilla and DLC weapons. (puts the tags back on weapons) (44. is now "Six-shooter" and the 10mm pistol is the "piece" pistol.)

Replaced the op "modified stimpak" with something that doesn't break the game. (GenBoost)
Removed HP from all food and drink

I however could not find the records for items like the "Jamaica plains mayor's ID", "Pod C6 Audio log", and items from the quest where you have to mix all those chemicals like the "Hydrochloric Acid", "Gallium", and all the other ones. If someone knows where these records are stored HMU. I want to find these.

Other than that this makes no edits that I didn't already mention.
Requires: AWKCR, and Immersive Gameplay 4.009 + Immersive Gameplay SHC 4.0091.
In that order.

Works well if you have a sorting mod that replaces tags with icons like VIS. You can place it after AWKCR if you have it.

So simply put this mod below the required mods and everything should be a-ok!

If the tags are not working, then there is something overwriting this patch.


Big Props to everyone on the Immersive Gameplay team, fantastic balancing and design work.
IG Page and patches in file section: Immersive Gameplay

Future Additions:

- Find the records of the previously mentioned quest items so sorting can be added.