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Customize up to 22 locations to (instantly) teleport to, in or out of PA/Doors/Combat.

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*** If you have Creation Club Pip-boy Skins ***  See the fix for this mod and others at Fix for Pip-boy Creation Club Paint Jobs (by HardwareSc8).

*** See Changelog for changes ***

Brief:  Customize up to 22 locations to (instantly) teleport to, in or out of PA/Doors/Combat.

Description:  Courser Chip that allows you to customize up to 22 locations, including "HOME" and "TEMP" locations, and always remembers the "LAST" location that you used the device to teleport from.  Use the device to teleport to/from indoors, to/from outdoors, DLC areas, inside/outside Power Armor, in/out of combat.  It just works anytime!  And you only have to set up each customizable entry once!

Power Armor:  Summon up to five power armor frames to your location.  Build them up.  Put whatever pieces that you want onto them.  They'll stay on the frames, I promise.  Now includes the ability to return the power armors whence they came.

Trunk:  Store weapons, ammo, chems, etc. in a trunk and summon (and return) it at will.

Map Markers:  Now includes Map Markers for each of the customized locations.  Place these anywhere, but they must be placed outdoors.  If your customized location is indoors, simply find the nearest exit, go outside, and then set the Map Marker at that location.  Easy.  Using the Map Markers is completely optional, but should help you find where you customized a location to.  Yes, you can also use the map markers to fast travel to the location that they point to (your customized location).  Which also means, you aren't locked into where you put the map markers!  If you so desire, place them all in a circle around Starlight Drive-in, then you can turn in a circle and pick where you want to go!  The map marker will ALWAYS be tied to the custom location that it's named after.  Even on another map (such as Far Harbor).  One note, however, which is a limitation of the game:  When moving a map marker between maps, it won't actually show on the map until you reload the map.  Which means saving the game and reloading (if you need it to show immediately).  Otherwise, it'll be there the next time you load the game.  For PC's, it's just a quick F5 then F9 on your keyboard.  So remember.  If you set a map marker up on a different map, it won't show until you save and reload.  The mod isn't broken.  This isn't a bug.  It's a "feature" of the game itself.  Talk to Bethesda.  Lol.

Settlements:  Upgraded to include the 30 settlements from vanilla, The Institute, The Prydwen, Railroad HQ, plus the 7 settlements from the DLCs (and the Overboss's Quarters).

Extras:  Includes a few select locations from Fusion City Rising and Outcasts & Remnants.

Fuel Usage:  Optional fuel usage allows you to use Fusion Cores as fuel.  Options include 10% drain per use, 20% darin per use, and 50% drain per use.  A message will now pop up if you attempt to use PTD without any fuel left (if fuel usage is enabled).

How to obtain:  Head to the Chemistry Workbench, and look under the "Utility" menu for " PTD Courser Chip".  You'll then find it on your Pipboy under the "Aid" category.

Requirements:  No longer requires any DLCs, but will certainly add content if you have any of them!

Game Version:  Tested with Fallout 4: 1.10.82

Compatibility:  Compatible with EVERYTHING!  With or without any DLCs.  Place anywhere in your load order.  Doesn't matter.