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Male and Female Outfit Inspired from The Evil Within.

Permissions and credits
Male and Female Outfit Inspired from The Evil Within. Outfit is available in Vanilla, CBBE and Jane Bod. CBBE and Jane Bod bodyslide files included.

You can craft the Evil Detective Outfit with the chem station or at the armorsmith workbench If you use the Armorsmith patch. You can also upgrade the outfit at the armor workbench.

CBBE users can remove the shirt for the female version in bodyslide.

Outfit stats

  •   Only uses body slot
  •   +1 Perception
  •   +1 Charisma
  •   Armor rating 22
  •   Energy resistance 10
  •   Poison resistance 10
  •   Weight 2.5

To craft the outfit you require.

  •   4 Adhesive
  •   5 Leather
  •   6 Steel
  •   6 Cloth

  •   Armorer rank 2

More plans for updates in future. But as of now this mod is being put on hold so I can work on other projects because I somehow managed to corrupt the new female mesh files no no flat shoes for now. (sorry people)

will still bugfix if needed.

Optional Downloads.

  AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended Patch. Makes the Outfit craftable at the armorsmith workbench and adds new upgrades.
Requires AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended

  1K Textures. Replaces the 2K textures with 1K textures.
  4K Textures. Replaces the 2K textures with 4K textures.

I Also recommend you download my Mauser mod as Evil Detectives Holsters where made to fit its model which is also compatible with Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster

Bethesda for creating Fallout 4.
Caliente and Ousnius for CBBE and BodySlide/Outfit Studio
VERY BIG thanks to Nightasy & Elianora for the amazing tutorials!