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An upgrade to the dragons of the wasteland to be more in line with their legend.

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When i first started playing Fallout 4, something that immediately struck me was how terrifying the Deathclaw's looked. But as i played more i was underwhelmed by the actual difficulty of the creatures. This mod aims to bring Deathclaw's back to their FO3 and FNV level: the terror of the wasteland. I've tried to make Deathclaw's a tougher fight but also more rewarding to fight. This mod aims to be as lore friendly as possible as not to stand out as a mod in the main game.

  • Increased Stats for all Deathclaw's Varieties.
  • Added 19 new Deathclaw Varieties (57 if you count the ambush and legendary varieties). These varieties are based on mixtures of the 8 vanilla archetypes.
  • Re-added the cut Quantum Deathclaw, scaled its stats and added it into the NukaWorld Deathclaw spawn points.
  • New cut perks for Deathclaw's.
  • Added perk to Deathclaw's to enable them to bypass some DR from Power Armor; lower tier Power Armor will be shredded, while upper tier Power Armor will still provide significant protection.
  • Increased XP reward to compensate for increased difficulty; xp rewards were doubled and then further adjusted based on Deathclaw type.
  • All Deathclaw's have had their max level removed and changed to calculate stats based on player level.
  • Chameleon Deathclaw's now actually turns invisible like they're supposed to!
  • New Consumable: Chameleon Gland. Hunt down Chameleon Deathclaw's to harvest the gland that allows their invisibility effect. Consume for 90 seconds of invisibility
  • More Items added to Deathclaw inventory.
  • Modified Deathclaw spawn leveled lists: Deathclaw's have no max level and more dangerous versions spawn sooner.
  • 2K and 4K textures by Jimhsu! The main file includes the 2K textures. For 4k textures download the main file and load the 4K textures afterwards.
  • New area: The Devil's Den. A Deathclaw infested cavern in the western hills of the glowing sea.
  • New Deathclaw gauntlet mod. Look in The Devil's Den, but be prepared for a fight.

Possible Future Plans:

  • Unique Model For Chameleon Gland.
  • Further Balancing.

Place DeadlierDeathclaws.esp and DeadlierDeathclaws.ba2 in the Fallout 4 Data folder. Then Enable the mod in the in-game mod manager.

With a Mod Manager:
Simply download and install. You're Done! (I recommend Mod Organizer or NMM)

Uninstalling Instructions
Delete Deadlier Deathclaws ESP and BA2 from your Data folder, or simply uninstall using mod organizer.

Should be compatible with any mod that does not modify any records related to Deathclaw's. For mods that do (Such as Snackrat's Deadly Predators mod) load Deadlier Deathclaw's after it to allow its changes to take priority. Keep in mind that this mod is balanced for the vanilla game.

Not Fully Compatible with Beastmaster. At this time no patch is planned on my end. Life has gotten to hectic to devote the time i would need to put out a good quality patch. A third party patch is welcome. If someone does i will link to it on this page if it is good quality.

Snackrat: For encouraging me to make this mod even though he has one that is similar.
ThirdStorm: For letting me integrate parts of his custom patch.
MadMAX713: For help learning how to make the Chameleon Deathclaw turn invisible.
Sepherose: For letting me know about hidden perks.
Jimhsu: For his wonderful Detailed Deathclaw's mod that is included in this one.
Hopper31: For allowing me to adapt and integrate his More Deathclaw Variety mod into this one. His idea to mix and max armor and materials was genius and my system of Deathclaw ranks wouldn't be possible without his ideas and willingness for me to use and further adapt his idea.
Created with the FO4 Creation Kit and xEdit.
Recommended Mods:

  • Snackrat's Deadly Predaters: Load main file before Deadlier Deathclaw's, let Deadlier Deathclaw's overwrite.
  • Hopper31's  More Deathclaw Variety: If you want more varieties in you Deathclaw's but don't want them to be harder or the other features of Deadlier Deathclaw's use this mod instead of mine. 

Feel free to make patches for your mod to work with this one. Patches must use this mod as a master unless otherwise specified.  Just let me know if you do, although you don't need to wait for me to reply. Cannot be re-uploaded, altered, added to a mod pack,etc.