Fallout 4
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This mod overhauls the room given to the player in Vault 81.

It also adds a gym, a laundry room and a shower area for maximum immersion (like holy crap these poor people didn't have showers or washing machines). In order for V81 to actually be a viable player home, I also added all workbenches (cooking, chem, armor, weapon and power armour) and made Alexis have more than 100 caps on her.

If you want to also have Armoursmith Workbench and Weaponsmith workbench, there'll be an alternative version that adds those too.

The room has 2 magazine racks, a Bobblehead stand and lots of storage now.


Fallout 4 up to date


All crafting stations
Surgery chair at the clinic
Functional terminal so you can play hologames etc.
Better merchant
Murshive facilities for the vault


I tested on a new and old save and everything enabled properly.

Once the main quest for Vault 81 has been completed, the room items will activate
There will be a map marker that lets you travel directly into the Atrium, plus I have enabled fast traveling out of the Vault 81 too
Workbenches outside your room are linked to cloud storage BUT I had issues getting that to work on an old save

Made with F4CK, cleaned with FO4Edit

:: THXU ::

jet4571 for the immersive toilet paper
DDproductions for the Bobblehead shelf
13thrangers for the coffee magazine and SPECIAL book