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Alien Encampments

By Gero

This mod adds five new, clearable alien crash sites to the game, complete with three new, texture-and-stat-edited alien
classes: Alien Grunts, Alien Captains, and a unique Alien Leader. The Alien Leader also has a new, texture-and-stat-edited
version of the Alien Blaster, called the Captain's Sidearm, which also has it's own mod tree, separate from the regular
Blaster. The encampments are located throughout the Commonwealth (for exact locations, see the pictures tab of the mod's
page on the Nexus), and are set to level with the player, be marked as "Cleared" when the boss of the location is killed,
and respawn all enemies after a few days (so it all works just like the vanilla encampments do). The lowest class of alien
is just the vanilla alien, but with a Laser Gun instead of an Alien Blaster. The next class is the Alien Grunt, which wears
a blue space suit and uses a Plasma Gun. The third and strongest class is the Alien Captain, which wears a gold spacesuit
and uses an Alien Blaster. In one of the encampments (again, check the pictures tab to see which one), there is a unique
Alien Leader in a red spacesuit. He will only appear the first time you clear that encampment, after which he'll be
replaced by one of the generic aliens of the appropriate class for the Player's level whenever the encampment respawns. This
Alien is the one holding the unique weapon Captain's Sidearm, which is blue in color instead of red, does significantly
higher damage than the standard Alien Blaster, and cannot be modded to take different ammo (however, since the aliens are
also set to drop leveled amounts of Alien Blaster Ammo, this won't be too much of a problem). Also, since all aliens in the
Captain class will be carrying Alien Blasters, I set the Alien Blaster to no longer count as a "Legendary" weapon (instead
the Captain's Sidearm is Legendary), which means you won't get the unique animation when you first pick up any of the Alien
Blasters anymore.


Either install with Nexus Mod Manager, Fallout Mod Manager, or manually by extrating the files and placing
them in your Fallout 4 Data folder.


If anyone finds any bugs or errrors with this mod, please let me know either in the mod's discussion tab or by
contacting me on the Nexus Forums (username gerokeymaster).


Anyone can use any assets from this mod for whatever they like, as long as they credit me as the original
creator of said assets.