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Several DEF_HUD presets to please the impatient crowds, from Pleasant UI fan boys and girls to the minimalists and bracket-phobes

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Yatz UI Presets for DEF_HUD (YUP)


NEW COLLECTION UPLOADED - May 21st - Please see "Latest Update" section below for details!

Current users of this mod can see the Sticky Post in the comments for an overview.

-  NEW FEATURE: Choose the Dot crosshair for most presets  -


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This is a FOMOD installer with several DEF_HUD presets for you to choose from (and easily change between as often as you like).  Many of the presets are loosely based on the excellent Pleasant UI interface by ImBlindMG (used with permission), but have quite a few tweaks to meet the varied desires of the Commonwealth's 200+ year old, melted ice cubes... I mean, players.  I have also added several non-Pleasant UI interfaces to choose from.

And, depending on how many people request a certain type of preset, the preset list will grow and expand to be a beautiful flower... uh... sorry... mental distraction there... what was I saying?  Oh yeah...  I'll add additional presets as demand increases.  AND NO, THAT DOESN'T MEAN I WANT YOU TO DEMAND IT FROM ME IN THE COMMENTS, YOU LITERALS!  Ask, and ye shall receive, but only if you ask nicely :)

Please note the presets in my collection were designed using a 16:9 aspect ratio.  The community (with special thanks to Neokio) has since tested and found no issues using these in a 16:10 aspect ratio.  Part of that is due to the way DEF_HUD handles the changes (relative re-positioning, rather than static positioning).  However, if you find any issues while using another aspect ratio, please feel free to leave a note in the comments!


This mod is a collection of custom presets for the DEF_HUD framework within DEF_UI.  Therefore:

You need to download and install DEF_UI 1.2.0 or higher before installing one of these presets.  There are plenty of instructions on the DEF_UI mods "Desc" tab and in the sticky comments on the "Posts" tab of that mod.  Additionally, Gopher has a Mod Clinic on YouTube describing how to install and setup DEF_UI and DEF_HUD:  Fallout 4 Mod Clinic #2.

You should use a well known mod manager, such as:

If you choose not to use one of the two mod managers above, then I most likely will NOT be able to assist you with issues - simply because there are too many variables.  For those comfortable with manual installations, below you will find basic instructions for installing a desired preset (I'm assuming you are comfortable with and have a good understanding of manual mod installations and management, including archive extraction, game and mod folder paths, pertinent INI settings, the Plugins.txt file, load orders and general plugin management - if not, no offense, but you really shouldn't be doing manual installations).


First, if anyone is having trouble with your "modded" game (CTDs, odd behavior, interfaces not working, etc.) after updating to the 1.5 public release of Fallout 4, please see my detailed instructions for potential help:  Quit Screwing With My Interface.

Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) & Mod Organizer (MO) Instructions:

  1. Install the DEF_HUD framework from DEF_UI 1.2.0 or higher (as described in the Requirements section).
  2. Download the desired version of my installer (usually the latest version) using the Download With Manager (preferred) or Download Manually link.
  3. If using the Download With Manager link, install the mod like you would any mod in NMM or MO
  4. If using the Download Manually link, download to a location on your computer that you will remember.  Then Import the download into NMM or MO and Activate the mod (method of import and activation depends on the mod manager - see your mod manager's instructions for details).
  5. Once the FOMOD installer displays, the first step will be a summary, some important notes, and the details of the latest update.
  6. The second step will be the selection of ONE and ONLY ONE desired preset (you'll see a screenshot and text details about the preset).  You can install a different preset later by uninstalling the mod and reinstalling, then selecting a new preset (but again ONLY ONE at a time).
  7. Select Finish to install the chosen preset.
  8. If prompted, ALWAYS say YES to overwriting the file "DEF_HUD.xml".

Basic Manual Instructions (see my warnings in the Requirements section above):

  1. Look at the screenshots above and read the Preset Summary article under the Articles tab to determine which preset you want.
  2. Extract the contents of the Zip file to a folder on your desktop.
  3. Look in the "content_presets" folder and find the preset sub-folder you want.
  4. Copy and paste the content of that desired sub-folder (the "Data" folder is what you you want to copy) over your existing game's Data folder.
  5. If prompted to overwrite your existing "DEF_HUD.xml" file, respond, "HECK YES!"

Current Collection Presets

The currently available presets are listed below (new presets italicized).

For full descriptions, please see the screenshots above, read the Preset Summary article under the Articles tab above, or view both the screenshots and descriptions in the FOMOD installer itself during install.

Yatz Faves
  • 01 - Yatz Preferred
  • 02 - Yatz Switch-A-Roo
  • 03 - Yatz Alternate
  • 04 - Pleasant UI Wanna-Be
  • 13 - Top Heavy

  • 05 - "Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe"
  • 06 - Minimalist Protege
  • 07 - Minimalist
  • 08 - HUDLess

  • 14 - Experiment Epsilon
  • 09 - Centricity Adverse
  • 10 - Who Needs Brackets
  • 11 - Whats in a Name?
  • 12 - Valdacil's Personal Preset

  • 00 - DEF_HUD Default

As I play through Fallout 4 (2nd full play through at the moment), I continually try out new HUD element ideas.  I spend most of my play through using the "Yatz Preferred" preset, but constantly test the other presets and try new ideas (including manual HUD edits using FO4Edit, the Creation Kit, and JPEXS manipulation of the extracted HUDMenu.swf file).  So, all the presets in my collection are tried and tested.

See my main sticky post in the comment section if you're curious about my future preset plans!

New Player Status Icons

Manipulation of the new survival and general player status elements, introduced with Fallout 4 v1.5.x and higher, is not yet fully vetted by the modding community.  DEF_UI does not currently support them, nor do other HUD mods at this time (other than basic recoloring, as far as I'm aware).  We may need to wait for the Fallout 4 Scripting Engine (F4SE) and better Papyrus Script support for the HUD.  As an example, this is why Gopher hasn't yet released iHUD for FO4, and Neanka is waiting before updating DEF_UI.

Additionally, the icons don't seem to have a set position, but rather one or two status bars in which the icons expand and collapse as required.  Therefore, it will be interesting to see if the icons themselves can be manipulated or only their related bar(s).  I haven't taken a look at these new elements in the Creation Kit yet, so that's all the detail I can really provide at this time.

Having said all that, my presets currently position the other elements around the new status icons so that everything still looks and works well (confirmed in game).  But rest assured, once DEF_UI is updated to allow manipulation of those elements, or if I figure out another way to handle this, all of my current presets will be updated and you'll see several new presets released!  If you have ideas of what you'd like to see for the new status icons (other than just disabling them - duh), feel free to leave comments now so I know what you folks are looking for!

Umm... Why?

That is an excellent question.  One of the key points behind DEF_HUD is that you can customize most HUD elements to your liking using a very basic drag and drop flash interface.  Make it bigger (that's what she said), move it to the bottom, or turn the element or parts of the element off completely.

HOWEVER, a large percentage of you seem to have a hard time with the customization of DEF_HUD.  And in all honesty, that really is okay.  Everyone's brain works differently and everyone has different priorities as to where they want to invest their time.  So, I thought I would start making a collection of presets for people to pick from.  Hopefully this makes DEF_HUD a more pleasant experience for those a little confused by it.

And I like my presets!  Why not share with the world?!  Okay, yes, I'm egocentric.  At least I admitted it!

Latest Update

All current and historical changes are properly logged on the Changes tab above.  Below are the changes for the latest update:

YUP Update 1.2 (May 21, 2016)

  • New Preset "Top Heavy"  (Yatz Faves)
  • New Preset "Experiment Epsilon"  (Specialty)
  • New Preset "Valdacil's Personal Preset"  (Specialty) 
  • New Preset "HUDLess"
  • Added an option to change the crosshair to a DOT for most presets
  • Updated presets to vertically align center elements (for us OCD people)

Issues & Requests

Politely let me know about any issues in either the comment section or the bug section and I'll get to it as soon as I can.  You are also welcome to make requests for certain presets.  Please note that I will generally only add more presets if a group of people want the same thing - otherwise, I'll end up with a million preset FOMOD installer - yeah, not happening.  But if there are consistent requests, OR I think your request is especially useful and I'm in the mood to just do it, then I'll be happy to add it to the next collection release.

In all seriousness, I'm a pretty easy going person and will try to accommodate you as best I can (and as time permits).  However, I won't hesitate to ignore and delete rude or demanding comments.

Interface Mod Recommendations

I HIGHLY recommend the following interface mods (including some alternatives you may personally prefer), conveniently listed in the order they should be installed (aren't I kind?):

  1. Armor & Weapons Keyword Community Resource 2.1.1b (AWKCR) by Valdacil & Gambit77
  2. AWKCR Compatability Patches 1.1 (only as desired/needed)
  3. Valdacil's Item Sorting 7.1.0 by Valdacil (or one of the alternatives listed on Valdacil's mod page)
  4. DEF_UI 1.2.0 by Neanka & Valdacil (you may want to install Pleasant UI instead, once ImBlindMG finishes updating it for 1.5)
  5. Full Dialogue Interface by Cirosan (only if you want to use this; again, I highly recommend it)
  6. Satellite Color World Map Combo by XunArmorox (or Immersive Maps, by Reptileye, a great alternative map set)
  7. Zoom Out Extended for World & Local Maps by Old Nick (or the Original Mod it's based on by Zenotep, now actively maintained by CyaNide1986)

Other Player-Designed Presets

Because we don't all have the same taste, I've selected the following author presets based on your high endorsements of them.  If one of my presets doesn't meet your needs, or you just want to change things up, check out one of the following!

Preset Collections

  1. Clean HUD 2, by TheDrunkKnight
  2. Survival UI, by Nostalgiamate 

Individual Presets

  1. Pleasant_DEF_HUD, by Osmhoze
  2. Unobtrusive Interface Preset, by Doom (aka Stabcops)
  3. Organized Simple HUD, by Kaimar
  4. HUD Redefined 2, by Maudkon 


First, thanks to all of YOU for the views, comments, downloads and endorsements!  Seriously!

Additionally, the following folks deserve special mention:

My Other Mods