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Allows scrapping when other mods conflict.

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Just a small patch to let Spring Cleaning play nice with other mods. Should work with any mod, but there are some aspects of the workaround Spring Cleaning uses that I don't fully understand, so it is possible it will conflict with some mods (most likely: mods that edit the cell data of a relevant cell instead of just adding/moving/removing stuff in the cell). In those cases, no compatibility patch will help, you'll have to use FO4Edit to fix the conflicts yourself.

edit: Also works for compatibility with the current version of the game (which really shouldn't have ever been an issue, but is because Bethesda.

This works fine for any scrap mod, not just Spring Cleaning. It triggers the game engine to disable combined meshes and preculling in the cells that make up vanilla settlements, so it will let you scrap anything you have a recipe for in those locations, no matter if those recipes are from Spring Cleaning or any other scrap mod.

1) Install with NMM or place SpringCleaningCompatibilityPatch.esp in your Data folder
2) Load this after any mod that touches a vanilla settlement

I recommend you install the ini version (which uses a esp version of Spring Cleaning, and doesn't reference any cells), then delete SpringCleaning.ini from your data folder.

You can instead manually install the esp version of Spring Cleaning (in the optional_ini version folder) instead of the esm (or delete the Worldspace category from SpringCleaning.esm), as it has way more Place Object references than needed (bad for compatibility, if another mod moves those references), and my patch makes them redundant. Also, I have seen claims that it undoes some some changes made to the airport by the Automatron DLC.

Spring Cleaning

Known Issues:
This will likely cause the cell reset bug. This is due to a problem with the engine, and nothing I can do about that. Apparently, making it an esm would fix it (which is why SpringCleaning.esm doesn't cause the reset bug), but making this an esm would defeat the purpose, as you wouldn't be able to load it after most mods. Bethesda is supposedly working on a fix to be released in the next update.

Until then, you can use these mods to deal with the symptoms:
Cell Reset Workaround Patch
Buildable Power Armor Frames
Apparently Bethesda has fixed the reset bug (with no mention, because why mention anything when you fix a massively important bug like that).

If you liked this mod, please consider supporting Elminster, the creator of xEdit, without whom this mod would never have existed. Check out his Patreon here.