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About this mod

It's my first house mod for Fallout 4! Overhauls the Red Rocket truck stop to be all kinds of awesome.

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I am very excited to bring you all my first house mod for Fallout 4. It's an overhaul of the "Sanctuary Red Rocket".

This mod turns the garage into an interior cell. It means it's behind a load door and unaffected by weather.

:: Requirements ::

- Fallout up to date

:: General info ::

- The interiors are mostly static, and cannot be edited.
- There is no workbench for settlement building - What you see it what you get
- The decoration is also my trademark static and cannot be moved around, can't have you ruining my carefully placed Feng Shui
- While decoration is static, all the workstations and containers work and are safe to use
- The workbenches like armour and weapon are linked to the RED ROCKET WORKBENCH so they share resources with the outside (cloud storage)

- You can still use the OUTSIDE of the garage as normal settlement, build and invite settlers etc. Just they can't come inside. The only edits outside are the workbench location, adding some trees and cars and stuff.

The power armour workbench inside is mainly for leaving your armour at when you come home. It cannot be used for crafting as the animation is blocked by a wall. But if you activate it, it will move the power armour into the frame so it's all parked nice and tucked away.

I made this mod for myself, so it reflects my visions and preferences. It may not be for everyone.

The house is also full of items related to the game so it's more like an end-game house but you can get it any time, really.

Known issues:

When using the character editor mirror, equip a gun after it and draw it. It will fix the camera.


This will work with old saves but the workbench might not move to its new location. New save will guarantee the mod works 100 % as intended.

Vanilla lighting screenshots available on the second page of the image section :)

:: Other additional features ::

Immersive Toilet Paper

• Custom named storage in the bedroom, unique wardrobe
• Bobblehead stand and 4 magazine racks
• Double bed
• Day and night cycle (different lighting during the day and night)
• Mirror to change appearance
• All vanilla crafting benches but with a twist: They look magnificent and unique
• Glorious unique clutter and decorations


Nir Shor for offering me Sanctuary, the new lore-friendly song he created.

jet4571 for awesome nifs
♥ jonwd7 for troubleshooting help and Nifskope
♥ ousnius for troubleshooting help and Outfit Studio
♥ expired6978 for the glorious appearance change mirror

MxR for telling everyone we wouldn't get house mods so I could prove him wrong ♥



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