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Nuka-World, Vault-Tec Workshop, Contraptions Workshop, Far Harbor and Wasteland Workshop building support! Don't miss the DLC nor any mod!

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This mod is not updated anymore. Maybe it will be lately, but I can't ensure that. I'm not aware of how things are being done now, but there aren't many issues that could happen.
The mod is no longer needed, since compatibility issues have been worked a lot by the community. The major purpouse of the mod now if sorting your DLC items in the way you prefer, there are some options.



Keep in mind that modding is somehow risky if done without knowing what archives are you adding to your game. Check out the information given below, it may prevent you from issues between this mod and some other you already have. Bug reports are heard, but by reading this you can prevent you the frustration of things not working as you thought, and won't be reporting as bugs things that are known and maybe intentional.

If you found the patch useful, an ENDORSE would be much appreciated

  • Description
  • Before downloading
  • Installation
  • How does it work
  • Language support (English speakers, READ!)
  • Known compatibilities
  • Compatibility issues
  • F.A.Q
  • Future support
  • Console support
  • Videos
  • My other mods
  • Version track


If you are a wasteland builder, and you own DLC's which add more building content and mods doing the same thing, you're suffering or will suffer soon some issues of categories not showing. This patch is made for solving this issue by managing any DLC for making sure everything will be there for you to build. So now ANY DLC you have will be compatible with ANY MOD you have.

Cool images for the DLC menus showing their official images have been added courtesy of Elianora. The mod is called Craftable DLC Paintings. If you want them to be craftable, go give her some downloads.

If you want to make any REQUEST for a mod to be patched, go to forums and reply the thread.

And for CONSOLE users, yes, this is on Bethesda's web. Not the whole thing, just a console version of what I can do with Betehsda's web restrictions. You can find it below or on the mirror's tab

You'll find some videos below showing how this works, what it does, and whatsoever. Thanks to the authors for their time!

Before downloading

Because not all of us have the same needs, this patch is made with different versions trying to fit any of you wanting to download it.
This versions will be called from now on: 'Handplaced', 'Injected', 'Integrated', 'Vanilla Injected'. Lets talk a bit of them so you know which of them is the one for you.
If you are a LOOT user, it will tell you this is not ocmpatible with SKE. It is. The patch provided works good, just not as LOOT wants to. And for the Injected version, it's impossible to not be compatible, so I don't know why it says so.

Another remarkable thing is, the injection on this mod is new. It is made through an interruptor placed under Power/Connectors & Switches.
So, unlike other mods, you'll need to manually activate in-game to actually have it working. And once you have made that, there will be no scripts trying to make things everytime you open your game again.
If you install after activating the mod another one that messes with the menu, it can overwrite what the patch does. That's simply solved by going to the interruptor and switch it off and on again.


This version is made completely with FO4Edit. For users of previous versions, you will know this one as the Normal version. With this one, a new category is added on the Workshop menu called 'DLC'. Inside of it, you'll find categories of each DLC and inside those, just the new categories added by those.

The way this patch works is by adding the category manually (thus its name) on an estrict list of categories. To sum it up, it means that any mod adding categories to the workshop main menu in the same way will conflict with this one. The ones placed above in the load order will be overwritten; the ones placed below will overwrite this patch. For solving this issue, a set of patches are provided. These patches will be expanded when more mods come out.


This version works in the same way the Handplaced does gameplay-wise. You will have as well a new menu with DLC items on it.

This one, though, is made through scripts by injecting the category after the last one once the game is launched. By doing so, any conflict with any other mod is avoided, doesn't matter the way that mod was made.
If you uninstall the mod, make sure to unisntall it with the in-game interruptor, and delete the ones you've build. If not, you'll have a references to a non-existing category, as well as null objects created. It should be game-breaking, but isn't either good thing to have it.

For those of you who have used this mod before, you'll find that with this version SKE and OCD are no longer compatible between themselves. You can use the patch provided by SKE for solving it. If I patch mods for the Handplaced version that aren't patch in other places, I'll patch them as well for this one.


This is a sub-version inside Handplaced & Injected. With the Normal version, just the new categories will be moved to the Custom Menu. So you'll find Cages, Barn, Manufacturing or Vault Decorations under its DLC custom menu, but not new generators or lights. This is recommended if you want to have those small things all together


This is another sub-version inside Handplaced & Injected. With the Full version, everything will be moved to the DLC custom menu. This is recommended if you want to properly organize your DLC and knwo exactly what every of them added to the game


Lets start by saying that know that the injected version is out, I feel this one kind of useless. But anyway, if you feel that way, go with it, it will be supported.

This version takes everything added to the new categories of the DLCs and places them on vanilla categories. By doing so, any conflict should be avoid with other mods, but things would be a little bit messy, with long navigations to build what you want.

And now that you know what we're talking about, let's talk about installation.

Vanilla Injected

This is the version found on You can consider this as an upgraded version of the Integrated version. By the time the patch was made, scripting was not possible, and the only way of not messing with the menus was the way it worked. Now we have the tools, and so this version will inject the original Bethesda's menus into the place they are when mods don't fuck that up.

So this will make your game feel like if nothing ever happenend. It comes with an interruptor to activate or deactivate the mod in-game just as the Injected. The difference is, if you disbale the esp, the categories will still be there (until a new mod mess with them again), so if you don't in-game deactivate it, there's no issue.

And now that you know what we're talking about, let's talk about installation.


This mod comes with a NMM installer. It should be straight forward, just check the options required. You will be asked about the DLC you have (or check just ALL if you own the season pass or any DLC individually; and what compatibility patches do you want. The next step will ask you which of the three ways of patching do you prefer. If you use Mod Organizer, go to settings, then under the plugins tab find Fomod Installer. Set enabled to false (double click it). That should make it. Turn that back if you want to. IF YOU COME FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS, DELETE THEM BEFORE DOWNLOADING.

If you want to go manually, reconsider, but if still, things have been reorganized so you can feel it easier to install.

If you want the INTEGRATED version, go to the 'Integrated' folder, and copy the files you want to Data folder. The files are named according to the DLC they patch, being 'DLC_PATCH' the one for those of you owning the Season pass or all the DLC individually.

If you want the HANDPLACED version, go to the 'Injected - Handplaced' folder. Copy DLC_MainMenu.esm and any other esp you need, depending on the DLC you own to your Data folder, as well as the BA2 files. The files with the sufix "_Full" are the ones for the full version. You can have some DLC patched with full and some with normal without issue, but not one DLC with both files. Then go to Handplaced folder and copy to your Data folder DLC_MainMenu_Handplaced.esp and any other .esp you need. The names fit the mod they patch.

If you want the INJECTED version, go to the 'Injected - Handplaced' folder. Copy DLC_MainMenu.esm and any other esp you need, depending on the DLC you own to your Data folder, as well as the BA2 files. The files with the sufix "_Full" are the ones for the full version. You can have some DLC patched with full and some with normal without issue, but not one DLC with both files. Then copy everything inside Injected. If you're asked to, combine folders.

If you want the VANILLA INJECTED version, gp to its folder an copy everything to Data, combining any folder you're asked to.

How does it work

If you've read the description, you already know how things work. Lets just extend the knowledge.

If you go for the new menu, there's not really more to say. You'll find a new category called DLC, in which you'll find categories for the DLC you have decided to patch (and own, obviously). Inside those, you'll find the new categories for you to build.
For the handplaced, you may need the patches I provide, and make sure any .esp is as low as possible on your load order.

The ones using the integrated version, as you already know, will find the things scattered through the vanilla categories. I tried to make it as logical as possible, but sometimes is hard to. So here's the list of places you'll find everything. Take in mind that mods like Homemaker change the names of vanilla categories, so this may change a little bit.

And the Vanilla Injected, as stated, it just makes teh game be as it originally was.


If you'd like to place any of these in another Vanilla category, place a comment on this page.

Language support

Due to changes on the mod, the custom categories are all in English. The ones added by Betehsda, though, are on your game's language. Descriptions of the objects are in Spanish because I play in Spanish, and I don't have the English strings. If someone wants to make a translation, feel free and tell me so I can link to your work and maybe talk on how to work well together.

There's am emglish translation made by MrFunreal. You can find it on the mirrors section. It only covers the full version of Injected/Handplaced. Due to real life stuff and that I'm working on another mod, I'm not still adding this to the download. I'll do it at some point, though, with more changes I was planning and more options covered.
For using this patch, just download it, and replace the files on your Data with this ones (don't copy the ones you don't have)

Known compatibilities

The Integrated patch is compatible with any mod out there, as well as the Injected patch (except other patches trying to fix the same issue).

The following mods are tested and known to be compatible with the Handplaced patch. Feel free to add in the comment section any mod you're using and working well with this:

-OCDecorator (SK version)
-Functional displays
-Snap'n Build
-More Guard Posts
-Craftable Animation Marker
-Robot Home Defence
-Exotic Creatures - Far Harbor Cages
-B.Y.O.P - Build Your Own Pool
-Weapon Rack Extended

Plus patches are made for this ones (patches come with the file):

-Settlement Keywords (this mod is deprecated, but if you have it you still can use it)
-OCDecorator (non SK version)
-Settlement Keywords Expanded. The patches provided by this mod should work fine if they add things to it's own menu. Haven't been able to test that yet.

Compatibility issues

Since they are doing parts of what my mod does, there's no point on using both, so this won't be fixed. I made this one because their solution wasn't working for me, and then continued with the support. You will find this one more compacted, but feel free to try all of them and pick the ones solving your problems:

-Wasteland Workshop Independent Patch
-RXL Patches - wwip and sk patch
-Far Harbor Barn Items Homemaker Patch

Hanplaced won't be compatible as well with any mod adding categories to the main menu rather than SK, which iss high unlikely in the other hand. Just keep it in mind.


Q: There are some elements of X DLC not showing on the DLC category. What's happening?
A: This mod just moves new categories to the custom menu. So concrete would move to DLC/WW since there was no concrete on the original Fallout 4, but head trophies would not, since there were head trophies on the original Fallout 4. Check the Full version for that. If the elements not showing are from a new category, then it's my fault, report it.

Q: It seems to work, but there's a DLC not showing on the menu. How can I solve this?

A: This issue is common when using other patches that work moving the items to Fallout 4 original categories (such as the integrated version of this one). Make sure you don't have any file patching DLCs not provided by this mod, if the issue persist report a bug with your load order added.

Q: I installed the injected version and nothing happened. Help!
A: The mod need to be activated in-game. There's a switch called ADBI Patch installer (kind of) under Power/Connectors. Build it, and activate it. It will tell you that everything was installed. Interacting again with it will uninstall the menu category, and so on.

Future support

When future DLC come, I will add them as well, in both seperate files and a pack, so you'll have everything you'll need here.
Same will be with mods, support for those touching the main menu will be added.

Console support

A new version of this mod is now out for consoles! It's what will be called Vanilla Injected version here when I upload it. You can find it here:


My other mods

Version track

v4.1.2 - Some bug fixes