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Personal Craftable Vertibirds

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Craftable Vertibirds. No affiliation required. Build via settlement workshop, it will be under special (same place where artillery and robot workshop show up) No requirements to build other than the materials. You do NOT have to be in brotherhood or any other faction to build.


There are now four optional files:


Pick ONE add on depending on what faction you want. What these do is override the game so that:
#1: vertibird fast travel is unlocked at start/by default.
#2: vertibird signal grenades are craftable at chem station under grenades.
#3: depending on which faction you want your new vertibird that comes to pick you up will be either
BOS(standard), Minutemen, Railroad, or Institute.



Major Update - Cargo - AI - DLC01 version adds ability to trade/store inventory.
requires DLC01 (automotron)
fixes collision bug (hopefully)

To do this, I have added an "artificial intelligence" to the vertibird which uses data from the automatron DLC so that you
can have dialog to trade. I have used the beep voice so that the vertibird will not be chatting to you and break immersion.
to me this is feasible for immersion as the vertibird is already auto-pilot so an AI makes sense. Please ignore the option to
"let's get moving" unless you want the vertibird to teleport behind you everwhere you go. you will get dialog options like you would
the automatron robot beep version. just ignore it all other than trade option and you'll be fine. this was the only way to add ability to store
items in the vertibird. when the CK/geck comes out I will look into changing this to something better.

personal vertibird 1.4 - NO AI version:

no trade/inventory does not require DLC01
fixes collision bug (hopefully)


Personal Craftable Vertibirds and the air support craftable ones are now higher material cost. This was by request so that it wasn't so
"cheaty/cheap" to create.

PCV now has a helipad for your vertibird. Craft it in resources>misc

The helipad acts as a fast travel marker, (you can only have one of these per settlement.) The vertibird will land right on it every time
as long as nothing is blocking it. You will want to place down floors or something for it to sit on most likely. it can sit on the ground but the collision isn't very good. placing flooring etc under it makes it perfect.
Please note that there is a custom NIF for this helipad. after installation make sure the folder "pcv" with the nif "PVHelipad01.nif" is in your data/meshes folder.

There are now Personal Craftable Air Support Vertibirds. Find and build via special in workshop just like the personal vertibird.
these air support vertibirds will fly up and protect your settlements!

There are now settler assignable furniture Vertibird, Stingray, and ufo that act just like the scavenger stations. Once placed and you assign a settler
the settler will "work on" the aircrafts (welding) and so on.

these can be found in resources>misc

There are also new grenades in the chemistry station that will summon Air Support Vertibirds so you can have them when you travel.

I will always be trying to improve and add on to this mod. Enjoy!


This vertibird is set to ignore combat and is set to invulnerable, that way it acts as a mode of transport.
Simply find a place to build that is big enough for the vertibird and build.

NOTE: If you place a craftable fast travel marker (workshop>resources>misc) in the spot where you want the vertibird to land, it will land
as close to this spot as possible.

To bring companion with you: mouse over them command> on the vertibird they will ride with you.

If you don't already know once inside open your map and click location to travel to to begin flying there.

Known issues:
No pilots, so think of it as an auto-piloted vertibird. You will be in the gunner slot. (working on adding pilot and co-pilot)

If you have issue where vertibird goes off course(forgets where it's going) open map and click location again. this fixes it. 
same if vertibird starts clipping through ground or objects.

This opens up a whole new opportunity for modders to create new flying vehicles! Enjoy :)