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Recharge your almost empty fusion cores with the FCRS.

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Fusion cores to expensive?

Perhaps or perhaps not, either way this mod has a simple purpose.
To invigorate your almost dead fusion cores!

The feedback was apriciated and I decided to redo this mod. The workstation is now an actual fusion generator.
Animation is somwhat bugged although I know why that is and have a possible fix, 
but I don't see the need to do that now. (Upcoming DLC and GECK/CK)

So whats new you might ask?

It has the same old inital build requirements as the old version. But instead of giving caps to the magick milkman,
you now require 50 Power to operate the machine. You can be less carefull when charging now as you won't loose caps.

Some things to keep in mind while using this mod:
1. Its a huge machine, use adequate space.
2. The machine needs power, connect it with copper wire.
3.Might be an issue with you getting stuck in the machine, have not experienced myself.
4. Might be an issue with different charge states on the core, but again have not experienced that myself.

1.Manual Installation: Take the data folder into your fallout 4 directory.
2.Use NMM to install the mod.

(Made with FO4Edit)

Old Optional Initial Release Version:
I thought that if these actually existed there would be some sort of either recharging station,
or exchange station where if you deposit your old core you would get a new one with a discount.

So as it stands this machine "charges" or replaces (whichever you prefer) your cores at a discounted price relative to the value of one core (200caps).
You need 1 Fusion Core and 100 caps to get a new one. It doesn't matter what state the core is in it could be almost dead or fully charged.
Although using fully charged cores would be throwing caps out the window.
I have not retextured the machine so as of now it will remain standard milk vending machine texture.
I chose the milk vending machine as it has this "deposit" area.