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Two tall bookcases filled with books. That's it.

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The What
Adds two tall bookcases pre-filled with books to the shelving category. That's all. Feel free to use as a modders resource.

The Details
  • Uses default keywords, so it'll work with all your usual mods; SSE, Homemaker, SnB, SK, etc. unless a mod slaughters the vanilla categories.  
  • Uses default mats/textures so if you use a retexture for the books/bookcase it'll change how these look these.  
  • Found under Furniture/Shelves with vanilla. 
  • If you use my Renovated Furniture mod these will be added in with their prewar textures. 
  • If I fill any other bookcases I will add them here. 
  • I don't really care where these end up you can use them as a modders resource but credit would sure be shiny.