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Adds recipes for unique weapon mods.

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Unique Weapon Mod Recipes

This has been part of Cut Weapon Mods Restored for a while, but I decided that it doesn't really fit as a set of "cut" mods, and that it was more deserving of a page to itself. And before I go any further, this will be pretty spoiler-y if you don't want to know about any unique weapons, so don't go any further if you don't want to be spoiled.

I did my best to make it so that you can't obtain these mods unless you complete the quest for them, but some of them don't have quests attached (as far as I could see, correct me if I'm wrong), so I wasn't able to do that for all of them, unfortunately. It's up to you if you let yourself craft them early, though they generally will just appear as regular variants of the non-unique versions. There may be more of these too, so let me know if I missed any.

A full list of the newly craftable weapon mods:
For the Baseball Bat:
  • No Logo (as it needs a base one)
  • 2076 World Series Logo
  • 2076 World Series Logo (Grand Slam Edition)
  • Swatters Logo

For the Gamma Gun:
  • Lorenzo's Artifact
  • Zeta Wave Barrel

For the Laser Musket:
  • Automatic Capacitor

For the Machete:
  • Sacrificial Blade

For the Submachine Gun:
  • Standard Colors (as it needs a base one)
  • Silver Shroud Colors

To avoid any questions about it, the Submachine Guns mods are under a new Material section of the modding menu, which only shows up when you complete the quest. I believe that the textures work for all mods bar the muzzle ones, but that's due to Bethesda not providing textures for those.

A full list of the newly craftable Far Harbor weapon mods:
For the Fat Man:
  • Bowling Ball Launcher

For the Super Sledge:
  • Atom's Judgement

A full list of the newly craftable Nuka-World weapon mods:
For the Fat Man:
  • Nuka-Nuke Launcher

There are compatibility patches in Cut Weapon Mods Restored that allow you to craft Targeting versions of the Fat Man mods.