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Fixes a number of small and major bugs in vanilla mods.

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Weapon Mod Fixes

While I was making Cut Weapon Mods Restored, I found a nunber of mods with bugs in them, ranging from small typos to big problems like being unable to use a weapon mod at all. For a while, I included the mods in that mod, but I decided to split them off into this mod so that more people can use them, and for better compatibility.

I'll see if I can expand this into general weapon fixes, but I'm currently not aware of any bugs with weapons (that aren't already fixed here), so let me know if anyone knows of any.

A full list of the base game changes:
  • A number of typo fixes, mostly adding capitals and removing unnecessary characters.
  • Adds/removes/corrects the weapon name/mod name for any MISC or OMOD that needed the change (mostly in MISCs).
  • Changed all base melee/unarmed mods to cost nothing to craft, not put an item in your inventory, and to be called 'No Upgrade', to make them all consistent.
  • Changed the Baseball Bat Grey mod and Baseball Bat/Rolling Pin Aluminium mods to use the American spellings for consistency (Gray and Aluminum respectively).
  • Corrected the INNR record for a Targeting Fat Man to be properly dynamic, which allows for mods to have Targeting before the weapon name instead of being locked to Targeting Fat Man.
  • Added Pistol to the 10mm and .44 MISC names, and Gun to the Institute, Laser, and Pipe Bolt-Action MISC names (again, for consistency).
  • Made it so that Short Scopes now come after Reflex Sights, which should be the correct order. The Laser Musket Glow Sights are now in the appropriate place too.
  • Other general sorting corrections, such as moving the Pipe Gun Drum Magazine to the correct spot.
  • Corrected the sorting for the Baseball Bat materials. Now Natural is at the top, with Aluminum at the bottom, and the other mods alphabetically between the two.
  • Corrected all melee MISC records to be formated the same as guns, so they now go Weapon Name Mod Name (for example, Baseball Bat Aluminum).
  • Added the type of shape to all appropriate Reflex Sights, so it's now clear what's a Dot and what's a Circle.
  • Un-shortened any cases of Mag or Auto. Affects mods that were incorrect anyway, Quick Eject Magazines, and Hardened Piercing Automatic Receivers.
  • Changed any base magazines with incorrect names (such as Medium Magazine) to be called Standard Magazine (or Drum, in the case of the Submachine Gun). Also does the same for any Quick Eject Magazines that had the incorrect name or were missing Standard.
  • Renamed Quick Eject Drum Magazines to Drum Quick Eject Magazines, for consistency and better sorting.
  • Corrected some OMOD descriptions to have the text in the right order, or to be more consistent with versions other OMODs have.
  • Fixed the Alien Blaster Fusion Magazine to correctly reduce the ammo capacity.
  • The Assault Rifle's Dot variant of the Reflex Sight now zooms in like the Circle variant.
  • Changed various magazine size keywords to the correct ones.
  • Added proper MISC records for the Combat Rifle/Shotgun Front Ring Sights, so they don't share them with the Glow Front Ring Sights.
  • Gave the UFO4P crafting recipes for the Combat Rifle/Shotgun Glow Front Ring Sights, and the Pipe Revolver Tuned Receiver better components.
  • Fixed the Combat Rifle/Shotgun Glow Front Ring Sights to have appropriate stats and keywords.
  • The Combat Shotgun Standard Sights now use the correct model and don't have a zoom offset.
  • Fixed the Two Shot Legendary Effect to correctly double the shots fired for shotguns.
  • Removed the Baseball Bat's grips from the Wood and Aluminum mods for the Rolling Pin.
  • Fixed the descriptions of the Baseball Bat logos (only visible with mods), and makes the 2076 one increase damage like the others.
  • Fixed the textures of the two cut Reflex Sight variants so that they're properly visible if restored.
  • Fixed a number of Reflex Sight models, so the shapes should show up properly. Most of them are cut, though.
  • Corrected the Combat Rifle/Shotgun sights to be more consistent in shape and position where possible with NifSkope.
  • Fixed the cut Combat Shotgun Large Magazine/Box Magazine, Hunting Rifle Short Marksman's Stock, Gatling Laser Sight and Sledgehammer Stun Pack to have working textures.
  • Corrected the Revolutionary Sword's Serrated Blade so it can be used with Shem Drowne's Sword. The radiation effect for that doesn't fit the Serrated Blade model completely, but it's just a minor visual issue.
  • Fixed a handful of leveled lists for MISC mods so they spawn at the right level, though this only affects a tiny amount of the game.
  • Switched one of the keywords used on the Double-Barrel Shotgun Calibrated Powerful receiver to hopefully stop the second sight/scope slot from showing up.
  • Made the Prototype Railway Rifle unplayble. It's not really set up for player use, so there's no real point in allowing players to get it.
  • Corrected the player version of the Hunting Rifle's bayonet models. It was missing the handle, whereas the NPC/world version and other bayonets have the handle. While this does cause the bayonet to clip, the other bayonets do as well, so I don't see a reason to make this model look odd.
  • Corrected the reflex sight seen in the non-player version of the Gatling Laser Reflex Sight. It was a circle reflex sight instead of a dot.
  • Corrected the zoom of the Hunting Rifle Reflex Sight (Circle) so that it's not half of the dot one.
  • Corrected the weight of the Combat Rifle Standard Magazine. There was an extra 0, making it slower than it should have been.
  • Fixed Assault Rifle Standard Sights to not benefit from Astoundingly Awesome Tales #2 (the one for increasing scoped weapon damage)
  • Added reload speed changes to the Flamer Tanks, so the upgraded ones actually slow down the reload speed like their descriptions say.
  • Added appropriate bash animation to Double-Barrel Shotgun Spiked Muzzle Brake.
  • Fixed damage change calculation to function properly when using the following weapon mods: Institute Gun Photon Exciter, Alien Blaster Pistol Fusion Magazine. Note: This results in lower damage when using these mods, but it's more in line with how similar mods function.
  • Removed filter keywords from 10mm Scopes mod collection.
  • Fixed glow sights on the Pipe Gun/Bolt-Action Gun/Revolver. This very very slightly changes the colours of the weapons, but it shouldn't be too obvious unless you're looking for it.
  • Fixed Flamer and Plasma Gun Flamer Barrel to function properly in VATS.
  • Restored glowing sections to Alien Blaster Pistol Long Barrel and ammo (visible when reloading) and non-player models for Alien Blaster Pistol.
  • Tidied up weight/value of Combat Rifle/Shotgun Magazines to scale up appropriately.
  • Fixed Ripper Extended Blade and NPC models to show blood properly.
  • Fixed Gauss Rifle NPC models to not be copper-y any more.
  • Fixed Gauss Rifle Suppressor recoil and adjusted other mods to keep proper stat progression.
A full list of the Automatron changes:
  • Changed the base Assaultron Blade mod to be consistent with other base melee mods.
  • Corrected the name of the MISC Mr. Handy Buzz Blade item to match the base weapon.
  • Changed the melee MISC records to have the same formatting as guns.
  • Added the Legendary keyword to the Mr. Handy Buzz Blade and Tesla Rifle (no idea if they can now spawn as Legendary, but it allows you to give them Legendary effects with the right mod).
  • Corrected the INNR of the Tesla Rifle to use the new one Bethesda made for it.
  • Corrected the NPC/world version of the Tesla Rifle Reflex Sight to be the same height as the player one.
  • Fixed damage change calculation to function properly when using the Tesla Rifle Automatic Barrel. Same note as above applies.
A full list of the Far Harbor changes:
  • Corrected the name of a number of MISC mod items.
  • Fixed a number of typos.
  • Un-shortened any cases of Mag or Auto in the Radium Rifle, and added Standard in front of the Quick Eject Magazine for it.
  • Added the reflex sight shape to the Radium Rifle Reflex Sight.
  • Made it so that Short Scopes now come after Reflex Sights.
  • Fixed the Lever Action Rifle's Recoil Compensating Stock so that it can be crafted, and added it to the list of possible grips that the weapon can spawn with.
  • Corrected the keywords for the Lever Action Rifle Tuned Receiver. I'm not sure if this caused any problems before, but I made it consistent with the others to be on the safe side.
  • Added the missing inventory models for the Harpoon Gun MISC mods.
  • Corrected Bowling Ball Launcher description to be similar to NW's Nuka-Nuke Launcher description.
A full list of the Nuka-World changes:
  • Corrected the name of a number of MISC mod items.
  • Fixed a number of typos.
  • Made sure that everything was ordered correctly.
  • Un-shortened any cases of Mag or Auto in the Handmade Rifle, and changed Small to Standard in the Small Quick Eject Magazine for it.
  • Added the reflex sight shape to the Western Revolver Reflex Sight.
  • Made it so that Short Scopes now come after Reflex Sights.
  • Added the missing keywords to the Nuka-World pistols. This should mean that they now benefit from perks, and can be used in other situations where the game uses those keywords (like the weapon racks in the Contraptions Workshop DLC).
  • Removed what was causing an extra "Rocket" to appear in the weapon name when using the Baseball Bat Searing Puncturing Rocket mod.
  • Fixed the projectile node on the unused Animatronic Alien Blaster, and fixed the broken sounds and weapon mods on it.
  • Fixes the cut Disciples Wrench models to be the correct size.
  • Added a proper cold effect to the cut Baseball Bat/Sledgehammer Freezing mods.
  • Fixed the textures on the cut Handmade Rifle Oil Filter Suppressor
  • Fixed recoil calculation to function properly when using the 4 Handmade Rifle Improved Barrel mods.
  • Added the new skins system to the extra NW-only version of the .44 Pistol (not the Western Revolver).
  • Tidied up Handmade Rifle Large Bayonet/Serrated Bayonet meshes.