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A .bat file to spawn a workshop at the players location. Once spawned, the current exterior cell will be flagged as your 'settlement' and you can build and scrap as you would in a normal one.

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This is not a mod. This is a bat file that executes a console command in game ('player.placeatme c1aeb') that places a piece of furniture that has the side effect of allowing you to open workshop mode and build in and scrap items in your current location if god mode is toggled on (console command 'tgm')

This places a workshop at the player's location and once placed the current cell becomes activated as a 'settlement' allowing you to build, scrap and all the other things you normally would. 

Quick word of warning, you can disable the workshop in the console afterwards (see a couple paragraphs down for more on that) but the cell stays flagged. Meaning it will always be a settlement from that point on. Haven't run into any unforeseen consequences but I am sure they are some. So I wouldn't scrap everything and then build some crazy kowloon walled city if you aren't prepared for the possibility something might break.

Have not tried it on an interior cell. IT DOES WORK INDOORS!

You must first toggle god mode to open the settlement menu. If you are getting a message about having to clear the area of enemies first when you try and go to build, you are not in god mode. Don't try to activate it on the workshop use the POV change /Workshop mode key bind instead.

To install, simply extract the file to your Fallout 4 folder. In game, open your console and type 'bat settle'. Toggle god mode. Build, scrap and enjoy.

Even if you just grab the console command from the description and enter it yourself (like I would have) please download and endorse. I am not a modder so I do not care about credit etc. it is just the fastest way to get other people to see it so they can have a chance to try it out too.

Something else to take into consideration is that being able to go into build mode also allows you to pick up and place dropped objects using the build mode placement controls (spin left/right, move forward back, only places where there is room and snaps to objects and floors) which is a lot easier to use over trying to do it by hand the way you otherwise would.

If you want to build somewhere like say Post-war Vault 111, you can use the console command disable to get rid of quite a few objects you can not scrap such as cryo pods. To do so, bring up the console use, your mouse to click on the object you want to get rid of and then type 'disable' and hit enter. The object you selected will be deleted. You can speed up the process by hitting up arrow after typing it once so you don't have to retype it each time. BE VERY AWARE, you need to make a new save before you start so that you can use quick save and quick load because you will at some point delete something you didn't want to delete and will need to quick load to reset it. Even using this somethings are baked into the map so to speak. In the Overseer's office you can delete his corpse, computer and several other things but you can't delete the tipped over chair or knocked over shelves. Will have to live with that until GECK.


  • You can get the beacon to show up on the radio by manually toggling it once placed. Have not made any recruits through it though.
  • You can spawn in settlers (player.placeatme 20593) and when in workshop mode command them to a task such as farm but the conformation message doesn't show up and they stop working after but a moment.
  • Spawned settlers do not count towards settler count. It stays zero. Perhaps there is an ownership flag of some sort. Post a message if you figure it out.
  • No height restriction, settlement ends where the cell does BUT if you continue over into the next cell, run the bat again, and then go back into workshop mode you can continue building in the same direction. Added some screenshots of this. So theoretically you could build one long walkway across the entire map if you really wanted. I wouldn't though. Not on you main save anyway.
  • Placing a Fast Travel Mat does not change the fast travel arrival point of locations already in the game when placed in the same cell nearby.
  • The question of its effect on respawn of mobs and containers is unanswered. My educated guess is that it will not. You may want to pick an out of the way area or a previously cleared area for the time being until someone is able to confirm this.
  • Check the posts and replies. Some questions are answered some are still open so read and see.

And with that I am pretty much done. Not much else I can add or change, this is now 'AS IS' unless someone finds something critical or game-breaking that warrants mentioning prominently in the description. In that case message me and I'll add it. Otherwise, have fun and post some pictures. I want to see some crazy floating shanty towns and inappropriate camping spots.