Fallout 4
Barren wasteland

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  1. SweetTartar
    • supporter
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    May I ask how you achieved this with the lighting, clouds, and landscape?
    1. GauntM75
      • member
      • 38 kudos
      Yes, as I listed in the desciption under "Visuals", 
      this is mostly a heavily tweaked version of Vogue ENB - Realism and Nvidia Freestyle
      working together. Those are personal settings of mine. I will uploaded them in a future
      guide page here in Nexus.

      But, also, I use:

       • Bye, bye, clouds.
       • Radiant Clouds and Fogs.
       • Desert-like weather.
       • Disable Eye Adapt and Bloom.
       • Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction.
       • Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks
       • Interiors Revised.
       • Remove Interior Fog.
       • PhyDark (128) from PhyLight.

      And, to me, is essential is to add the following commands
      in the file of Ultra Quality God Rays Performance Fix for a more immersive lighting expeience:
       • "cl off" (disable character lighting).
       • "setfog 0 9999999999" (disable in-game distant fog completely).
    2. SweetTartar
      • supporter
      • 2 kudos
      Oh my apologies, I didn't realize I had to click past that orange box for the description. Thanks for answering, I never heard of nvidia freestyle, I'm guessing it kind of works like reshade or enb does, but I'll need to check it out. Look forward to trying out your personal settings. I really like your inspiration for the style; it definitely came out very well to match to those type of AI videos and classic fallout. This will motivate me to start finalizing my heavy load order. Very neat. I guess distant fog wouldn't make much sense in a desert, good thinking.
    3. GauntM75
      • member
      • 38 kudos
      Yes, Nvidia Freestyle is like a light version of ReShade.
      It has flaws, but the pros make it really worth it for me.
      The result is... I mean, you can see. So, I just live with the flaws.

      I'm actually finishing heavy load orders for all Fallout and The Witcher games.
      I've been on it over... More than a year, maybe. Testing mods and making my own.
      The idea is, when I finish all that, uploade them all to Nexus Mods, alongside
      new versions for the ones that I aleady upload, with great design for the pages and
      even trailers. I got a huge list of mods made by now...

      So, it will take a while, but I'm gonna do so 100%
      (I'm actually finishing it, finally).

      Good luck on the wasteland!

    4. SweetTartar
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      That's very neat. I actually have a few of your mods downloaded, appreciate your efforts and creativity. Looking forward to seeing your new stuff!!

      Yes I can relate on that, I'm about over a year into this too, I can't get enough of it, and I haven't even really played or tested anything out, I'm just trying to keep it below the esp limit which I'm really struggling on, and so I need to either disable a lot, forgo a lot more I haven't even downloaded yet, or I need to use the new programs which bake the mods further into data folders. A lot to do, who knows how little time... I'm also trying to get a  VR setup going, with haptic vest, locomotion sensors, and hopefully soon - a recoil emulating attachment for controller, but it is very costly.
    5. GauntM75
      • member
      • 38 kudos
      Damn, all that about a VR set up sound really nice!

      Struggling with the ESP limit?
      I currently have in my game +800 mods working in full harmony thanks to a perfect
      organization of my load order. If you want a tip on how to not have troubles with that,
      I recommend using Vortex Mod Manager, simply because it allows you to turn ESP files
      into ESL files with just one click
      . That way, you can always keep it under 250 active plugins.
      That's the trick to win at modding

      Now, not every type of  ESP file is recommended to be turned into ESL,
      because it won't work properly; but you can do that
      with most of them without problems.

      Get them to work fine in-game is just about the load order, of course.
    6. SweetTartar
      • supporter
      • 2 kudos
      Hey thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I already use vortex and I am just such an obsessive mod download-er/collector, so even after marking all that I can as light I am still well over the limit, with many more I would still like to add too. Obviously I will have to settle eventually but I am looking into other possible solutions like that mod/program that was released here just recently which can bake the files further into the data folder without plugins. Thanks, I am even going to incorporate a mini trampoline with the vr setup, lol.