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Small tweak to pseudo-disable the "eye adapt" effect and "bloom" in game. Also makes places that are supposed to be dark, darker.

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This mod pseudo-disables the "eye adapt" effect, and disables "bloom" in game. I got fed up with the effect working poorly - so I made this.

  • The game wants to adjust the lighting so that it gives the effect of your eyes adjusting to light in dark places. Since your eyes already naturally do this, this effect can be EXTREMELY annoying, if not a bit nauseating. I've turned the setting down to the point where the "eye adapt" effect is negligible. (completely off is not an option - the screen just goes black)
  • This effect goes hand-in-hand with bloom, which is disabled by this mod as well.

  • By turning off both of these features... caves, buildings, bunkers, nights, interiors, etc.. that are dark or not very well lit, will be darker. It actually gives you a reason to use that pip boy or power armor light. 
  • And no, it's not so dark you can't see - some places are actually lit pretty well, it just depends on available lighting. If all you have is a candle in a basement, yeah, it's going to be dark.

  • If you want to see an example of how this works, check out the two .gif's below, and the two images in the gallery.
  • Possibly conflicts with any mod that modifies all the basic "imagespace" objects.

  • This mod will be released "as is" - I will only update this mod as I see fit.
  • Xbox And Playstation versions are available. Check the "Mirrors" tab.
  • I will not update this mod to work with other mods
  • I will not look into fixing issues people may have. (Sorry bub. You're on your own. I've got college courses I need to study for.)

  • Share, Like, Endorse - Whatever - if you liked this. I uploaded for everyone to benefit. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

- Notice how the screen dims everything as the lights get brighter.

Eye Adapt ON: 

Eye Adapt OFF: