Fallout 4
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In a new game, wake up in the cryopod after character creation.

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After looking for an alt start mod, I decided to make my own. I wanted to start in the cryopod so there would be time for scripts to initialize. More time is needed if you have mods like Workshop Framework and Sim Settlements or Sim Settlements 2 installed.

This is a pretty simple mod that does not alter any vanilla objects. A new game starts like normal. You will be presented with an options menu followed by the menu to name your character and select the SPECIAL stats. Create you character as usual. When you exit the character generation menu you will teleport to the vault and exit the cryopod like normal and finish the "exit the vault" quest.

Install/uninstall with a mod manager. Load order should not matter

This will most likely be incompatible with other alt start mods.