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Documentation: FallUI Item Sorter tags

New tag set of FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter (FIS2)

These are the tags of "FIS" (which are used by "FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter")


  • Melee
    • Generic:  [Melee], [Unarmed], [MeleeOneHand], [MeleeTwoHand]
    • Unarmed:  [BoxingGlove], [Gauntlet], [PowerFist], [Knuckles], [BaseballBat]
    • Blunt:  [SuperSledge], [TireIron], [WalkingCane], [PoolCue], [RollingPin], [LeadPipe], [Baton], [PipeWrench], [Board], [PaddleBall]
    • Blade:  [CombatKnife], [SwitchBlade], [Shish], [Sword], [RevDword], [Machete], [Ripper], [Axe], [PoleHook]
  • Ranged
    • Generic:  [Ranged]
    • Pistols:  [Pistol], [10mm], [TheDeliverer], [44P], [InstitutePistol], [PipeRevolver], [LaserPistol], [PlasmaPistol], [AlienGun], [FlareGun], [ThirstZapper], [AcidSoaker]
    • Rifles:  [Rifle], [Cryo], [Syringer], [PipeRifle], [Leveraction], [InstituteRifle], [HuntingRifle], [Railway], [GaussRifle], [LaserRifle], [PlasmaRifle], [RadiumRifle], [HarpoonGun], [LaserMusket], [HandmadeRifle], [CombatRifle], [AssaultRifle], [Shotgun], [DoubleShotgun], [SMB]
    • Heavy guns:  [Minigun], [Gatling], [JunkJet], [Cannon], [Flamethrower], [Rocketlauncher], [Fatman], [Ranged]
    • Explosives
      • Grenades:  [Grenade], [GrenadeCryo], [GrenadePlasma], [GrenadePulse], [Molotov]
      • Mines: [Mine], [MineCryo], [MinePlasma], [MinePulse], [MineBottlecap]
      • Trap: [Trap]
Ammo: [Ammo]
  • Type: [AmmoCaliber], [AmmoShells], [AmmoEnergy], [AmmoCannon], [AmmoMissile], [FusionCore]

  • Generic: [NonHuman], [Unknown], [SuperMutant]
  • Clothes: [Clothes], [Hat], [Cap], [Bandana], [Eyes], [Mask], [GasMask], [FullGasMask], [Neck], [Ring], [Gloves], [Underwear], [FullOutfit], [Dress], [ProtectionSuit]
  • Armor: [Armor], [FullArmor], [VaultSuit]
    • Sets:  [SetRaider], [SetLeather], [SetMetal], [SetMarine], [SetDCGuard], [SetSynth], [SetCombat], [SetCustom], [SetRobot]
    • Parts: [FullHelm], [Helm], [ArmL], [ArmR], [Torso], [LegL], [LegR], [Jetpack], [Holster], [Pack]
  • Power armor: [PowerArmor]
    • Type:  [PA_Raider], [T45], [T51], [T60], [X01]
    • Parts:  [PowerHelm], [PowerArmL], [PowerArmR], [PowerTorso], [PowerLegL], [PowerLegR]


  • Food: [Food]
    • Specific: [RadFood], [Soup], [Stew], [Steak], [FoodStick], [Cake], [Boxed], [Canned]
    • Raw:  [Meat], [Vegetables], [Leaf], [Shroom]
    • Drink:  [Drink], [Nuka], [Liquor], [Beer]
  • Other:  [Aid], [Chem]
    • Medic:  [Stimpak], [MedPills], [RadX], [MedSyringe], [MedSyringeGreen], [MedSyringeOrange], [MedInhalor], [MedRobot], [MedPackRed], [RadAway]
    • Drug:  [DrugPills], [DrugPillsBlue], [DrugPillsPurple], [DrugPillsOrange], [DrugSyringe], [DrugSyringeRed], [DrugSyringeOrange], [DrugSyringePurple],
    • Misc:  [StealthBoy], [SyringerDart], [Camping]

  • Collectibles: [PerkBobblehead], [PerkMag], [Collectible], [Valuable]
  • Notes: [Note], [NotePubOcc], [NoteMisc]
  • Keys: [Key], [Password], [Passcard]
  • Holotapes: [Holotape], [HolotapeT], [HolotapeV], [HolotapeP], [Game]
  • Devices: [Mod], [Settings], [Device], [Pipboy], [Lockpick]
  • Resources: [Currency], [Resource], [Scrap], [Bottle]
  • Other: [Other], [OtherALCH], [Trash]

  • Quests: [Brotherhood], [Minutemen], [Institute], [Railroad], [VaultTec], [Companion], [Quest], [MainQuest], [DiamondCity], [Goodneighbor], [Cabot], [Robot], [FarHarbor], [Acadia], [Atom], [Harbor], [NukaWorld], [Raid]
  • Radio: [Radio], [SilverShroud], [Warning], [Military], [Distress], [Skylane]
  • Extra: [Fire], [SkullCowboy], [Atom2], [Anarchy], [Energy], [StarOutline], [Defense2], [Biohazard], [Water], [Water2]

Old tag set of "Old FallUI - Item Sorter Mod" (FIS1)

These are the tags of "FallUI" (which are used by "FallUI - Item Sorter Mod" - FIS1)


Weapons - Melee
[Melee], [Unarmed]
[BaseballBat], [CombatKnife], [Shish], [SuperSledge], [RevDword]

Weapons - Ranged
[Pistol], [10mm], [TheDeliverer], [44P], [InstitutePistol], [PipeRevolver], [PlasmaPistol], [LaserPistol], [AlienGun]
[Rifle], [AssaultRifle], [CombatRifle], [PipeRifle], [LaserRifle], [Gamma], [RadiumRifle], [HuntingRifle], [GaussRifle], [PlasmaRifle], [Leveraction]
[Shotgun], [SMB], [Cryo], [Syringer], [Railway], [HarpoonGun]
[Minigun], [Gatling], [Flamethrower], [Rocketlauncher], [Fatman], [JunkJet], [Cannon]

Apparel - Generic
[Clothes], [Armor], [PowerArmor], [NonHuman], [Unknown]

Apparel - Clothes
[Clothes], [Hat], [Eyes], [Mask], [GasMask], [Neck], [Ring], [Gloves], [Underwear], [FullOutfit], [Dress]

Apparel - Armor
[Armor], [Holster], [Helm], [FullHelm], [FullArmor], [VaultSuit]
[SetRaider], [SetLeather], [SetMetal], [SetMarine], [SetCombat], [SetSynth], [SetDCGuard], [SetCustom]
[ArmL], [ArmR], [LegL], [LegR], [Torso]

Apparel - PowerArmor
[PowerArmor], [PA_Raider], [T45], [T51], [T60], [X01]

[Ammo], [AmmoCaliber], [AmmoEnergy], [FusionCore], [Grenade], [Mine]

AID - Food
[Food], [RadFood], [Drink], [Liquor], [Beer]

AID - Other
[Aid], [Chem], [Stimpak], [Syringer], [StealthBoy], [Camping]

[Note], [NoteMisc], [NotePubOcc], [Password], [Passcard], [Holotape], [HolotapeV], [HolotapeT], [HolotapeP], [Game], [Key], [Pipboy], [Lockpick], [PerkBobblehead], [SkillMag], [PerkMag], [Collectible], [Valuable]

[Device], [Settings], [Bottle], [Other], [OtherALCH], [Trash], [Resource], [Scrap], [Currency], [Mod], [Unique]

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  1. BSWoolfe
    • member
    • 0 kudos
    Всем привет! Недавно начал пользоваться вашим сортировщиком. СПАСИБО! Он шикарен! Вопрос - можно ли на одном предмете использовать несколько тегов? Скажем если я при сортировке брони хочу чтоб показывался не только тег сета брони - Броня рейдеров, Кожаная, Боевая, НО и тег части брони - шлем, торс, наруч? Если это возможно - то как это сделать? И если мульти-тег можно реализовать - можно ли в таком случае сделать мульти-категорию - то есть при входе в категорию броня появляется суб-категория кожаная броня, а уже в ней - части брони? Сразу извиняюсь за английский - я русский, приходится пользоваться переводчиком.
    Hello everyone Recently started using your sorter. thank you! It's gorgeous! Question - is it possible to use multiple tags on one item? For example, if I want to show not only the set of the armor when sorting the armor - the Raiders' armor, Leather, Combat, BUT also the tag of the armor part - helmet, torso, handcuff? If it is possible, then how to do it? And if a multi-tag can be implemented - is it possible in this case to make a multi-category - that is, when entering the armor category, a sub-category of leather armor appears, and in it - parts of armor? I apologize for English right away - I'm Russian, I have to use a translator.
  2. Eflat63
    • member
    • 7 kudos
    I'm trying to figure out how to have an added tag appear in two taggroup id's. i.e. clothes and bodywear.

    Oh, figured it out, have to do that in the category extensions... So, what's the point of putting a tag in a group id if you have to add the tags in the your category xml to hit them all too? 

    Anyway, now I'm trying to figure out how to get "Old Reliable" to use a lever action icon... probably just defaults to rifle in the ini. Same with Revolvers not resulting to 44P, well at least the legendary ones.
  3. EeryeVysage
    • member
    • 11 kudos
    How can you add sub-icons to icons? Complex Sorter added a mask icon on top of a mask icon so I know it's possible. Do you just add another tag next to the first one?
  4. Omegacron
    • premium
    • 30 kudos
    Is there a tag for Minutemen gear? I've tried a few variations of [Minutemen] but it just shows the tag instead of an icon. I'm hoping the support is already there and I'm just doing it wrong, but figured I'd ask.

    Disregard - the icon was already there, and I figured out how to add my own tag by editing the DEF_INV_TAGS.xml file.
  5. RamonXick
    • supporter
    • 34 kudos
    hello, just want to ask are there any differences between [Holotape], [HolotapeV], [HolotapeT], [HolotapeP] tags?
    1. drevviken
      • premium
      • 27 kudos
      HolotapeV: Holotape voice recording
      HolotapeT: Holotape terminal
      HolotapeP: Holotape program (very few of these, to my knowledge)

      Haven't seen the [Holotape] tag being used, at least not in my current load order so I'm not sure what variant fits in that category. 
    2. m8r98a4f2
      • premium
      • 1,597 kudos
      Just as szandor81 says. An addition: The [Holotape] is the generic tag, so where none of the special types could be identified. The only difference between those tags is, that they have different sub-icons, so you can distinguish them easier.
  6. Fantafaust
    • premium
    • 71 kudos
    Is there a reason it's [RevDword] instead of being the very obvious [RevSword]?
    1. XoreDev
      • premium
      • 3 kudos
      I am guessing 100% here, and am almost definitely incorrect... But perhaps it has to do with DWORD - being 4x bytes (as in 2x WORD, each being 2x bytes)... Idk, tbh I am curious about the same thing. The random BS I thought of definitely does not seem to fit AT ALL lol.

      That said, SURELY this isn't some simple misspelling. Especially when you consider how so many people have used CS, and its on version 1.11 (with multiple minor versions for each. For example, right now it is v1.11 Beta 7 if I remember correctly). So SURELY someone would have pointed this out by now?!?!

      But I certainly am curious about this, now...
    2. Fantafaust
      • premium
      • 71 kudos
      I mean, S is next to D... lol

      About the DWORD theory, that was my initial thought as well, but looking at the generated names, only the swords got the prefix xD
      I'm betting they just forwarded the misspelling from Def_ui or something
    3. m8r98a4f2
      • premium
      • 1,597 kudos
      Its indeed simply a misspelling from years ago... The misspelled sword comes from the first defui compatible tag configuration. For being backward compatible (and most people don't see the tags at all), the misspelling was kept and not corrected.
    4. Fantafaust
      • premium
      • 71 kudos
      These things happen, sometimes I only even NOTICE typos in my own mods years and years later lol

      Cool to know though, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.
  7. Misorian
    • member
    • 17 kudos
    For future reference:
    All Icon List for DEF_UI Iconlibs Rescaled and Fixed (PDF Spreadsheet with all Icons)
    My DEF_INV_TAGS.xml - GDrive with all tags added as Extra (Added all the Icons with Unique Keyword. Ready to be implemented)
    1. OrdinatorDdeef
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      I'm interested in checking out your INV TAGS but the link isn't working for me. Has it moved or maybe doesn't have sharing enabled?
    2. Misorian
      • member
      • 17 kudos
      I'm so sorry, I moved the file without thinking about the link.
      I updated the link, it should work properly now
  8. EeryeVysage
    • member
    • 11 kudos
    Why is it only utilizing such a small portion of the available icons though? I was wondering why there's so few icons I can choose from in the list when renaming an item, thought I screwed up smth.
    1. Cube13
      • premium
      • 6 kudos
      Did you use your mousewheel to scroll down?  There's like 4 more "pages" after that initial list of icons when you rename items.
  9. meduzamj
    • premium
    • 0 kudos
    Hi! This is really one of best sorters but i would love to see additional tag for [Material]  for acid, glass, etc. , for easy access at scrap tab .

  10. 4estGimp
    • premium
    • 553 kudos
    Is there a spreadsheet version of this?  I made an icon cross ref spreadsheet for simplified sorting and would like to copy/paste FallUI tags and SS tags into one sheet.  EDIT - it's all easily available in tags.ini
    1. Daevinski
      • premium
      • 1 kudos
      Hi! Since you're already working on it, could you share the file via Google Sheets?