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    Commands for Popular Actions

    Commands for Popular Actions

    Here are several popular commands that you can add to your own hotkey collection.

    If you've created your own feel free to share them.

    Replace the Bs and the Gs to set your own keys for these actions!

    Lower Weapons On Demand:
    B=player.pa actiongunrelaxed; player.pa actiongundown

    Toggle HUD

    Remotely Command Companions
    See here.

    Hotkey Manager Slots:
    NumPad1=hot 1
    NumPad2=hot 2
    , etc.

    Split Grenade and Melee Hotkeys:
    G=player.pa ActionThrow
    B=player.pa ActionMelee

    Unfortunately you can't override L Alt, so I'd recommend just assigning B for bash, and continue to use L-Alt to throw grenades!

    Toggle clipping / collision:

    Switch to Fists
    B=player.cf equipitem c2c27 0 1

    Save Game Hotkey that makes an autosave

    Save Game Hotkey that creates new saves in a new save slot
    B=cgf "Game.RequestSave"; cgf "Debug.Notification" "Saving..."

    Dance Anywhere (second line is to stop animations):
    G=player.playidle IdleMagnoliaSong05
    B=player.playidle IdleStop
    For a larger list of animations you can hotkey, visit here.

    Wait Anywhere
        Y=showmenu sleepwaitmenu

    Toggle Pip-Boy Radio (requires a helper scriptlet -get it from the Files tab)
        B=cgf "Radio.Toggle"

    Unequip Eyewear/Weapon/Apparel/etc.
        B=player.cf "actor.unequipitemslot" 17
    Take the slot number you want to unequip and subtract 30.
    e.g. To unequip the Body slot (slot 33), type unequipitemslot 3.
    To unequip the Eyewear slot (slot 47), type unequipitemslot 17

    NOTE: This only works in third-person.
    If you're looking for a toggle for your equipment, check out Outfit Switcher.

    Activate VANS
        B=player.cios 3cc96

    Enter Workshop Mode

    Reload Hotkeys from Hotkeys.ini
        reload console (two words)

    Pick object under crosshair and highlight it
        pnr;pms 247a3f 1

    Pick actor under crosshair and highlight it
        pna;pms 247a3f 1

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