Fallout 3


  1. CoronaV
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    I really enjoyed this mod! Provides pretty much anything I could hope for. Just curious, recently I can no longer enter the house for some reason - freezes during the loading screen. It only just started doing that, as before entering the house worked just fine. Otherwise, I seriously enjoyed this mod!
  2. nocthesis
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    This mod is absolutely superb. Loved the quest and the house is amazing.
  3. Tiamat042
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    I avoided this mod forever because I'm a scaredy-cat, but I finally bit the bullet, and it wasn't that bad. I did jump a couple of times though! xD But at the end was a really cool house with amazing details, especially for a Fallout 3 mod. Much recommended. :)
  4. KresoX
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    Awesome oldie (2009)! It works perfectly, and the level of detail (scripts, interiors, exteriors, clutter, gadgets, switches...) is superb. Don't worry about finding what you need to find in the DC, it's not a problem, just follow the instructions. Excellent mod. The only bad thing is that this is the author's only mod...
  5. MrTektite
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    I got to admit. I wish I knew more mods like this one. the amount of detail added is great. The horror aspect had me peaking over my shoulder alot once i got around it and dreaded heading into the start of it. I hope people make more mods like this in future :O

    endorsed. :3 look forward to using firefly as my main base from hear on out.
  6. BrickSprickly
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    There's not much else I can add, as other posters have already explained their appreciation (as well as mine!) for this amazingly detailed mod. Both the home and quest are masterfully produced. Thank you!

    Just one thing - are the display cases functional, as in a skyrim-esque item placement or more of an Oblivion style drag and drop?

  7. SigynX1
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    I wanted scary and creepy and I got it. I screamed a few times. Very well done with both the quest and the house. I really enjoyed discovering its surprises. 10/10 would scream again.
  8. Robertpeace
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    awesome mod no bugs of any sort and was really scary but had me puzzled on what was making that yelling noise i was ready to fight the basterd but all he did was send his friends i like to think when i opened that vault that it escaped and wonders the waste killing and eating love this mod good job
  9. Jaerek
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    Seems like an awesome mod. Though I do hope they haven't over-used jumpscares...
    1. Robertpeace
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      no jump scares thank god but it brings you back to when you first encounter ghouls when you heard that whale for the first time and how it freaked you out
  10. WolverineSix428
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    Excellent mod .
    Very scary with the dead bodies in the rooms and no idea what they were afraid of.
    At first when the" Redacted" attacked I thought they were the monsters but when the "Redacted" attacked I thought ah"Redacted Redacted" but after they killed me the first time i went what the f and tried different strategies .

    The Combat Shotgun was too slow so finally i switched to Sydneys Ultra SMG .That sucker really burns up the ammo at 5 aimed burst per VATS Attack
    I had to Chem up and keep healing and healing and healing and finally i won the first fight but those were the toughest "Redacted" i ever hope to fight. Interesting how you made it impossible to use stealth in there .

    The Ranch is very interesting, at first i liked it but then i found the First Basement and thought ah how nice a little bolt hole to sleep safe in.
    Then I found the vault and wow really nice , I like the luxurious touches the sunken shower bath is nice and the water purifier is excellent ,fresh unradiated water at last .

    Like Stefan below i too stumbled upon the lab by accident while hunting and being hunted and i thought it was part of the official content .
    Great Mod

    Hmm i just realized i put spoilers in so ill change before i post it