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This mod adds a player house a little ways outside of Germantown, across the river. It has many advanced features, but the house is not intended to be a god home for a level one player. There is a quest to earn it, designed to scare and test the player. It makes a great home for an experienced player that has graduated beyond their current megaton

Permissions and credits
Name: Firefly Ranch - Scary Quest Edition
Version: 1.3
Release Date: 10/01/2009
Last Update: 10/10/2009
Category: Buildings / Quests
Author: Kodiak888

Well I reinstalled FO3 and have gotten back into the swing of modding. I have a half finished horror mod for NV, but am taking requests to fix bugs / alter this mod. No promises, but it never hurts to ask. Plus I might be able to use the ideas in the next mod.

Release Thread Link: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=1044070

***** If you have invisible toilets, download the mesh quick fix! *****

***** This mod has some problems with the Pipboy PDA Mod. If you use it, the quest may not work correctly. I'll look into the PDA scripts and see why they don't work with mine, but it might be best to use this mod with it disabled until then. Sorry. *****

***** If you're having CTD or Navmesh issues, run fo3edit's master update function. It's a problem with vanilla fallout 3 and how it handles .esp files that alter navmesh and exterior cells - a link is at the bottom of this page *****

To do this,

1. Download FO3Edit, a link is in the tools used section at the bottom of this page.
2. Make a copy the "FO3Edit.exe"
3. Rename it to "FO3MasterUpdate.exe"
4. Run the master update now, and whenever you alter your load list.
5. To restore the files, rename the .exe to "FO3MasterRestore.exe"
6. Learn how to use the fo3edit program effectively to nullify 99% of your crash problems

::: Short Description :::
This mod adds a player house a little ways outside of Germantown, across the river. It has many advanced features, but the house is not intended to be a god home for a level one player. There is a quest to earn it, designed to scare and test the player. It makes a great home for an experienced player that has graduated beyond their current megaton or tenpenny home and wants something the king (or queen) of the wasteland deserves.

::: Please help to make this better :::
All comments and suggestions are very appreciated!
It's nice to get feedback, just to know if you actually enjoy the mod or not.
If you think there are ways for improvement, please let me know.

Thank You to everyone who has left praise and endorsements! And an especially Huge Thank You to those of you who have voted for this for Mod of the Month, since I just realized that that's separate from Endorsements. I was shocked to see it on the list at all. Thank you.

::: Intro :::
You're walking along through the wasteland, creating chaos and discord or sowing the seeds of hope throughout the land, when off in the distance you see a house that looks like it's got some good loot. You pick the lock to the outer gate and snoop around a bit. Everything is locked up tight, but there is a note on the table in the camper. It alludes to a valuable prize, and gives directions to the treasure spot. You load up your gear and head out to claim the prize as your own, only to discover things aren't as easy as they seem....

If you run through the quest with your pipboy light always on, guns blazing, and not taking your time and exploring then the character I've tried to convey will be utterly lost. Sneaking around in your stealth suit, with no chance of being caught and no fear of anything noticing you will also ruin the mood. I suggest turning the lights low, the volume up, and walking around slowly. Pretend that you're actually rummaging through the hallways and rooms yourself. Take it in and enjoy it. With any luck you'll be startled at least once. If not, I hope you at least enjoy the house.

The quest is a short one, and nothing complicated. If I need to I'll add a quick walk through, but try exploring around before trying to cheat, or you might miss something important. It's all very simple, I promise. The quest and story are mostly told through notes, so my only hints are to explore around and check all of the bodies for important information. Everything important is well lit, and not hiding in the shadows of a corner somewhere. Although that doesn't mean other things aren't hiding there... After completing the quest and surviving long enough to get back to the Ranch, you have earned the house and all of it's features for yourself!

- If you get stuck, I included a mini-spoiler list in the readme of the file that includes the locations of the keys to unlock various doors. But try to play through it before referring to the cheats!

::: Details & Features :::
- A house with a story, including a small and hopefully scary quest, designed to have the house feel earned.
- Lots of notes and messages for a believable and engrossing atmosphere.
- Fully Navmeshed
- Fully toggle-able lights in every room.

The outside yard includes -
- Front and back porch lights, as well as flood lighting for fellout nights.
- A toggle able security system.
- A working grill.
- An opening security gate.

The house includes -
- Full working lights, except the sun coming in through the windows.
- A nuka fridge, that works like the vending machines.
- Lab and Infirmary Kit.
- Sit-able toilets.
- Radios in every room.
- A Wonder-Meat Maker.
- A hidden door into the basement with a workbench.
- A bed that gives the well rested bonus only when the security system is activated.

The personal mini-vault includes -
- Full working lights.
- A water purifier for your bottled water.
- A shower and separate bath that will each wash your rads away when the water is running.
- A working bobble head display, that has no problems updating from the original displays.
- Two hidden safes for your valuables.
- Well resting bed.
- An optional shortcut (cheat) door from the bedroom to the front yard, can be activated through a hidden switch.
- A hair cutting kit.
- A disguise kit.
- A Grognak Demo.
- Radios in every room.

- Also, the house and mini vault are all just one cell, designed in a fairly compact way so it's not a sprawling mess. I also used bounding boxes so it shouldn't tax anyone's system very much. If you're not familiar with that, it just means there are no load times in between any rooms, and you're not rendering the entire cell while you're inside it so it doesn't use as many resources as it would otherwise.

If you hate the idea of having a mini-vault, but like the house, it is all very nicely hidden, and very easy to ignore. I tried to design it so that if you didn't already know it was there, you probably wouldn't notice it. And since the lower cells aren't even rendered unless you're in them, you're not paying for it in system resources either. I was originally going to do two separate versions, but this is by far the easiest way, with no downsides that I can see.

::: History :::
10.01.2009 - v1.0b - Initial Release

10.02.2009 - v1.01 - Fixed incorrect folder layout. I blame the communists for the mistake.

10.02.2009 - v1.2 - Increased quest difficulty by numerous requests
.- Disabled sneaking in the lab, for difficulty and "scariness" factors.
.- Tried a fix for yellow water issue that I can't duplicate.

10.10.2008 - v1.3 - Added clutter to some of the containers
- Cleared away some obstructions for companions to walk around easier
- Added a way to get onto the roof, by the back porch - followers probably won't be able to use the step up, since you're not teleporting to a different cell
- Added some optimization to the Lab area to help with some FPS issues

::: Installation :::
Make sure you have installed ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated! see tools used, you can also toggle it in FOMM.

I highly recommend using FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager)!

:: Standard ::
1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Check file structure for errors.
3. Copy all files and folders to (install folder)\Fallout 3\Data\
4. Start Fallout 3 Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a check mark beside the "01AtM Firefly Ranch.esp" file.

:: Alternative ::
1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Check file structure for errors.
3. Extract Fomod into your Fallout Mods Manager Mods folder.
4. Open FOMM, click on packages, and then activate the 01AtM Firefly Ranch FoMod file.
5. Activate the .esp, and enjoy!

::: Update :::
1. Create a save in a cell away from the Ranch.
2. Replace the old .esp with the updated one.
3. If you're still playing with v1.0, download and install the mesh quickfix as well.
4. It shouldn't reset the quest, or alter anything you've put into any containers, so enjoy!

::: Uninstall :::
:: Standard ::
1. Delete .esp and all content added by this mod.

:: Alternative ::
1. Deactivate the .esp file.
2. Deactivate the the FOMOD package.
3. Delete the FOMOD file.

::: Known Issues or Bugs :::
-I have play-tested this thing ad nauseum, and due to a lack of people wanting to play test it for me, I'm sure that there are a few errors. Please report any problems by sending me a PM or leaving a message so I can promptly fix them.

-If you activate the security switch multiple times before the sliding doors animation has finished playing, the door will finish it's current playing animation, but not keep up with how many times you clicked the switch. To tell if the security is on, check to see if the electric sparks are coming off of the electric fence. If the doors are opposite of how they're supposed to be, just click on the security switch twice quickly. After the door has finished going up or down, the system should be working properly again.

- If you have navmesh problems, use F03edit's master update function to "esm-ify" this mod. I don't have any problems with the navmesh, so I left it an .esp for the release.

::: Credits :::
Thank you to Miss Sparkle, Rayek, and Wyked for Mini Hideout - Player Home, for which many things in this mod were based.

Thank you to Orophin for his water purifier script.

Thank you to Coneman for his sit-able toilets base.

Thank you to Mercury00 for the Blank Vault Doors

Thank you to Malo for the Aquarium

Thank you to InsanitySorrow for the Readme Generator


PM me here or on the official Bethesda forums.

Nothing in this mod is to be reused without permission. Send me a PM with any requests/questions.

::: Tools Used :::

1. 7-Zip - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15579

2. ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated! - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=944

3. FO3Edit - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=637

4. FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager) - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=640

5. NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope.