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THIRTY TWO new critical kill deaths! MANY new weapons, new muzzleflashes, projectiles, and more! If you don't use energy weps, you WILL, and if you already do, you'll need to change your trousers.

Permissions and credits
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Author: WJS and Cipscis
Version: v0.97
Date: 09/23/2010
updated: 6/2/2013 by Benwah

** EVE for Fallout 3, (this mod right here mate) is now open-source. Use whatever, wherever. Go hog-wild for all I care. Would be nice to have credits mentioned wherever used, ofc **

I also have made EVE for FNV. Made entirely from scratch, no shared assets from this. http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=42666
Original EVE (Fallout 3 edition) ported to New Vegas: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5GSVXVZY Kudos to LucidusCruorem!

*** I award KUDOS to people that upload their screens! Let's see some great shots of these flashy effects! ***


This mod will make you start using energy weapons. If you already are a fan, then try not to mess your trousers. To start with, here are a few of the things that EVE introduces:
# THIRTY TWO new custom animated "Critical Kills" for laser/plasma/pulse/Fatman/missile
# ALL new custom muzzleflashes for all laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new custom enhanced projectiles for all laser/plasma/pulse/MissleLauncher/flamer
# ALL new realistic animated impacts for all laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new high-quality textures for all laser/plasma/pulse
# ALL new sounds for laser/plasma/pulse/robots (ALL energy weps in FO3)
# Insects and Supermutants have their own custom animated ashpile! (random chance to be seen upon laser crit kill)
# NEW custom explosions for Plasma/pulse Grenade/Mine
# New "Crit hit effects" for laser/plasma
# New customized meshes for laser/plasma/pulse
# All "unique" unergy weapon variants are now overhauled "Classic Fallout" weapons!
# New awesome models for Plasma and Pulse grenades and mines (thrown)
# New mesh Firelance, Vengence, WazerWifle, Protectron's Gaze, and more!
# Pulse weaponry introduced to FO3 (all aspects: sounds, impacts, deaths, ect.)
# Outcast's "Shredder" grenade introduced to FO3
# PT900 (Plasma Thrower) Introduced to FO3! The king of heavy energy weaponry!
# Fatman has crit kills! (x3)
# Missile crit kill against a supermutant will dismember from the torso! (elbo and neck too)
# Shooting dead bodies with an energy wep will have a chance to disintegrate it or cause shader FX.
# Firelance will ignite enemies and bodies with a alien-ish blue flames FX.
# New custom flamer model with awesome textures and sounds!
# Flamer has own crit kills! (x5)
# Flamer causes enemies (non robot) to have a chance to flee when on fire (dependent on their Endurance, and also you having the Pyromaniac perk helps)


Here is a more detailed list of what EVE includes. If you don't want a "spoiler" to ruin the experience of discovery, skip this large block of text:

* 32 new custom animated crit kills for laser/plasma/pulse/Fatman. Some are specific to headshots/humans/outdoors. Some laser deaths will ignite the target. Some plasma deaths will inflict an "melty-wispy" effect. Pulse deaths do everything from implode, to levitate, to atomize, to calling forth the wrath of Atom.
* ALL laser weapons fire beams that are visually appropriate for their strength. Meaning that weak/quick lasers fire thin very red beams. Mid-strength lasers fire mid-sized reddish beams. Strong lasers fire an animated red beam with a white-hot core.
* ALL laser/plasma weapons have their own unique firing sound. Sounds are appropriate to the strength of the weapon. (example laser pistol compared to Protectrons Gaze / Alien Blaster compared to Firelance)
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse weapons have their own unique "no ammo/clip empty" sound!!
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse weapons have animated impact visuals. Energy weapons no longer leave an immersion killing "0.1sec generic DukeNukem3D flash."
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse weapons have a special visual effect when a non-robot is shot. A non-robot victim shot by a laser/plasma wep will emit particles/wisps.
* ALL laser/plasma weapons have a unique visual effect when a robot is shot. The robot will have a unique short-circuiting sound and visually begin sparking.
* ALL robots fire laser beams that are visually appropriate for their laser's strength. Weak/Med/strong
* ALL robots have their own unique laser firing sound. Weak/Med/Strong/Hand/Head
* ALL laser/plasma/pulse Each weapon has its own custom designed muzzleflash.
* Plasma Projectiles have a "whiz/passby" sound when someone nearly misses you
* Laser/Plasma/Pulse have their own unique impact decals. Plasma shots leave a burned hole, lasers leave a super heated spot, and pulse leaves a charred mark.
* Plasma Grenade/Mine have a new improved awesome Plasma Explosion. Plasma explosions now show a large shrinking energy orb, and emit a bunch of burning plasma entities.
* Laser Gatlings backpack pulses with energy. Like most weapon meshes in EVE, the "glow" is actually animated to "pulse" at a pattern.
* Laser Pistol has 3 versions of animated FX meshes to choose from. (Check the data/meshes/weapons/ folder)
* Laser Rifle has 2 versions of animated FX meshes to choose from(Check the data/meshes/weapons/ folder)
* Plasma Rifle has 3 versions of animated FX meshes to choose from(Check the data/meshes/weapons/ folder)
* A3-21's Plasma Rifle is now an awesomefied P94 Plasma Rifle
* Smuggler's End laser pistol is now an enhanced Wattz Laser Pistol
* Protectron's Gaze is now the Wattz Magneto Laser Pistol
* Vengence is now the H&K L30 Gatling Laser
* Wazer Wifle is now the classic FO weapon Wattz 2000 Extended Cap
* New custom model for Firelance
* Laser critical hit to the head blinds enemy (and you)
* Plasma/Pulse Critical Hit causes "burn" damage for few seconds
* Pulse weapons in roughly 12 locations throughout FO3
* Outcast's have their own unique weapon called "Shredder grenades". Shredder grenade is a laser emitting bomb that continuously fires off multiple high-powered laser shots until it self-destructs.
* Strong lasers will leave a special impact that visually shows a thin black animated smolder.
* Some deaths by Pulse firearms will leave a new smoldering black ashpile. (The contents of which are based off your character's LUCK)
* Missle Launcher now has a GREAT looking missle! The tailflame and trail have been re-done. Missles look so real and powerful.
* Flamer's flame has been improved. more liquid flame at source, and more sparks fly, as well as a spurratic flame pattern. AND when firing you can see a HEAT REFRACT just like fire in real-life.
* HeatBlaster and Firefly weapon in FO3 now.
* Fireant has it's own flame projectile
* Ant Queen has her own new projectile that leaves spit trail and spit impact
* Plasma thrower (PT900) is introduced. Its the "big gun" of plasma weps.
* Custom flamer model with awesome textures and sounds!
* Flamer has own crit kills! (x5)
* Flamer causes enemies (non robot) to have a chance to flee when on fire (dependent on their Endurance, and also you having the Pyromaniac perk helps)

FOSE is NOT needed! (surprising yeah?)
FOMM or NMM is suggested, though not required
If you don't have Operation Anchorage DLC, you must use the OLD 3-plugin installer.

This mod (and most others) requires Archive Invalidation.
If you don't know what that is, just run this once and you're set forever:
(The updated unofficial fallout 3 patch also installs it automatically)

Installing the new "paradox" EVE with FOMM or NMM: (requires Operation Anchorage DLC)
1) download and activate the mod.
2) done!

Manual Installation
1) Extract the downloaded EVE Archive.
2) Put the meshes, textures and sounds folders there into YOUR data folder and overwrite!
3) Put the EVE.esm in your Data folder.
5) Open your Fallout Launcher and verify EVE.esm is checked
6) Play Fallout 3 and witness energy weapons as they should've been.

Additional instructions for those lacking Operation Anchorage DLC:
1) choose to download the OLD (3-plugin) installer.
2) you'll have an additional plugin to activate, EVE.esp.
3) If you don't have Operation Anchorage DLC, then you must disable/remove EVE-Operation Anchorage.esp or your game will lock on start.

* "Flesh Burning Plasma" mod.
* "Tweak mods" Other than Arwen's, FOIP or Blackened could result in "funny-stuff".
* Any other mod that modifies energy weapons.
* FOOK2. It already contains EVE!
* I'm told UWWUT probably won't work well with this.
you can use EVE and WMK at the same time. You will NOT get game freezes or CTD.
However, when you upgrade a weapon with a weapon mod kit in game, you'll no longer see the textures/mesh from EVE, as it will revert to the WMK model/texture! EVE IS PLAYABLE with WMK simultaneously with no reported "issues" aside from WMK's mesh/texture override.
*It is also noted that mixing pineapple beer with EVE has produced various results.


If you have any 'issues/bugs', there is a 99% chance that it is MOD CONFLICT. Perhaps get FO3Edit and "master update", or make a merged patch and grab Garybash (The FO3 version of Wyrebash).

if you have problems, the following methods have been proven to resolve them

Consult Benwah's Fallout 3 mod setup and troubleshooting guide at:

Use CASM. CASM is a high quality mod that fixes Fallout3's bugged save system. PROVEN to increase EVE stability and reduce issues! I have a dozen testimonial PM's as proof ^^

Garybash - Garybash is the Wyrebash clone for Fallout3. By "ESMify" the EVE.esp with Garybash, a multitude of ppl have proven this method to drastically reduce any problems.

FO3Edit - Fallout3 Edit is a program is has helped thousands of people run lots of mods together smoothly. Get this program and use the MasterUpdate feature. May God help you if you haven't tried this method BEFORE you complain/comment here on my mod. Fair warning.

Video Install Guide for Fallout 3 mods This gem will lead you by the hand through the steps to take to ensure you experience no problems while playing your heavily modded FO3. Very concise and clear steps even a n00b can follow!

A Feral Ghoul reported EVE did not work for him. It was later discovered that it was due simply to the fact he'd eaten half of his keyboard. There's a lesson to be learned here: refrain from ingesting computer accessories.


1368 A.D. - Ming Dynasty begins.
1644 A.D. - Ming Dynasty ends.
1/10/2009, 11:40pm - Weijiesen Dynasty begins.
After releasing "Laser Visuals Enhanced", I noticed plasma weapons sucked too.
After starting "Plasma Visuals Enhanced", I noticed ALL energy weapons were visually dull, and generally a shame and abomination. Thus, "Energy Visuals Enhanced" is born.
Today - You started reading this sentence. . . and finished it.


>> Please use this Nexus just for comments and ratings. <<

for technical support, questions, or suggestions please use the discussion area of this mod.

WJS Personal Favorite:
TheTalkieToasters' : Playing With Firepower
This mod has it all, and then some!
This fantastic (yet waaaay under-appreciated) mod is packed full of HQ goodies! The scripting is nothing short of genius, and the mod goes nicely with EVE.
http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=12903 <-- grab it here! (and if you don't endorse, I'll unleash a horde of feral ghoul midgets wielding raw fish against you)

Recommended Mods:

Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager
Manages your save files by replacing Fallout 3's saving system so that you no longer have to rely on only a single autosave or quicksave to fall back on. CASM creates saves in three ways:
- Automatically after a certain length of time
- Automatically after certain events
- Manually with the F4 key
(this mod has been proven to increase mod stability and lesson CTD's and bugs a person may experience!)

#2 Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Makes the game play much more realistic, more challenging, and more balanced! If you are looking for a "tweak" mod thats FULLY compatible with EVE and compliments this mod well, here it is! This mod may appear tiny, but it is a powerful sucker that gets the job done! It not only tweaks weapons, but gameplay, armor, and enemy AI as well. I personally keep this mod in my load order at all times.

#3 Impervious Power Armor
This is another fine high-quality mod from TheTalkieToaster.
This mod is what the name implies. In power armor you are more like a walking tank, and less like a walking tin-foil man. Why do i recommend this? Because while using this great mod, Energy Weapons are key for taking out PA'd baddies!


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Myself = All the custom visuals. Original concept. the 29 new crit death animations. Many new models. All the new textures. All muzzleflashes. All new explosions. The wacky easter-eggs. Replying to all your PM's. This super long email...
Cipscis = Script assistance and too many other things to fill this readme with. EVE couldn't have reached this level of awesomeness without ya!
HugePinball = Providing me with the best mod testing utility, loads of suggestions, fresh baked cookies, making EVE videos, and more.
LordSimpson = His eagerness. oh his testing too. and support.
Ariel Chai = the great plasma gun resorce model!
DariusKootz = some new sounds have come from his "sound compilation" mod, check it out! (all original author rights are maintained and acknowledged via this mod in conjunction with the Sound Compilation mod refered to herein.)
JoeFoxx = your Wattz laser pistol mesh buddy
DaiShi = his original model for H&Kl30
Voiddweller = his original pulse mesh was used as the basis. thanks
YourEvilTwin = for taking the time and effort to begin creating "EWE" Energy Weapons Enhanced. The official expanded version of EVE
Lord Inquisitor = for helping to smooth out the blockish parts on my PT900, and all other n00bish models I make, and so much more. You can't imagine how many things he's contributed to EVE. too many to list. so why don't you give him a Kudos too if you like EVE.
SkyKappa = for TONS of things in EVE 096, and 097... and beyond. Still trying to implement all his wonderful contributions. The modding community will miss you, and isn't so bright without you around.
BenWah for the 0.97 easier install repack, texture optimization, mod & doc maintenance.
Hairylegs222 (Tommy) for his Paradox merger of the EVE.esm plugin.

Beta Testers: = for their ESSENTIAL and thorough testing, and screenshots.(If I missed you name as a beta tester just tell me)
MacroTM, Dukeman, Eiries, Rianadine,


MModders who need Scripting lessons, I suggest you visit www.cipscis.com

http://www.zazzle.com/fallout+3+hats <-- awesome fallout hats!

http://bethblog.com/index.php/2009/08/24/modding-interview-cipscis/#more-4905 <--- Bethesda blog interviews Cipscis!

Other "easter eggs" exist in EVE's texture folder, can you find them? hehe

Tools Used:

Nifskope (the most) (for making new explosions, animating objects, making MPS, editing UV maps, and nearly all the cool stuff you see in EVE)
GECK (2nd)
Photoshop CS3 (cs5 now)
Blender / 3DsMax (for modeling things)
CrazyBump (only partial credit... CB's Normal maps are wack)
Nvidia BlendViewGUI (awesome)
BodyPaint (Just a bit)
Corel VideoStudio (to make some EVE vids)
Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator (for what you are reading rite now)
and a single Binford 00262-21l S.A.E. size 15/16" Socket Wrench (for minor adjustments)
Pineapple beer: for Energy, (and after a certain amount, Inspiration)
Pipino's Optimizer Textures freeware to reduce texture size without losing quality for Benwah's 0.97 install repack.